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Everything Pre is a dedicated resource and community site for coverage of the Palm Pre and future Palm webOS devices. We are committed to providing you with the absolute best coverage of the Palm Pre. Everything Pre is owned and operated by Smart Phone Resource, Inc.

Our Staff

Senior Editor: Christopher Meinck

Christopher has been a Palm user since the US Robotics days and is also the President of Smartphone Resource Inc. He graduated with an MBA in Marketing from St.John’s University. He has written articles and reviews about the smartphone industry since 2002 and works as a consultant in New York City.

Contact: chris at everythingwebos.com

Editor/Public Relations Director: Jill Janson

Jill currently handles Public Relations for Smart Phone Resource, Inc. She has represented clients in a wide spectrum of industries both in the US and abroad.

Contact: jill at everythingwebos.com

Writer: Michael Ferrerya

Michael enjoys writing, PDA’s and anything that makes his life more organized

Contact: michael at everythingwebos.com

Writer: Jake Dela

Jake has been a Palm devotee and user since purchasing a Handspring Visor. When not writing about Palm, he can often be found on the links.

Contact: jake at everythingwebos.com

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EverythingPre is looking for writers looking to join our growing staff. If you have an interest in writing about the Palm Pre, please contact us at [info at everythingwebos.com]. Please include your resume, a sample of your writing and why you are interested in writing about the Palm Pre. Please note that this is a volunteer position with the possibility of becoming a paid position in the future.

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