Access Renames Palm OS To Garnet OS

Access Renames Palm OS

January 25th, 2007

By: Christopher Meinck

Access, owner of the Palm OS, has announced they are formally changing the name of the OS from the Palm OS to Garnet OS. A new Access Powered logo was also unveiled and will replace the popular Palm Powered logo that has become so familiar to Treo users.

Access Powered Logo

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In October of 2006, ACCESS announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, PalmSource, Inc., had begun the process of changing its name to ACCESS. As part of that process, along with its previously announced agreement with Palm, Inc., to sell PalmSource’s rights in the Palm Trademark Holding Company to Palm, ACCESS is renaming all products that originally had Palm-based names. The first product to be renamed is Palm OS, which is now known as Garnet OS.

“The new ACCESS Powered logo that encompasses ACCESS product offerings, and renaming Palm OS to Garnet OS are two more milestones in our evolution as a leading provider of a range of technologies, solutions, platforms and products specifically designed for the mobile phone and converged device markets.”,said Tomihisa Kamada, ACCESS co-founder and CTO.

Just last month, Palm announced it signed an agreement with ACCESS to license the source code for Palm OS Garnet allowing them to innovate on the Palm OS Garnet base OS.

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