Adobe Flash Player for webOS Coming First Half of 2010

If you happen upon Adobe’s website in search of Flash Player, Adobe is now alerting owners of Palm webOS devices that it is coming in 2010. Adobe had originally promised Flash by the end of this year. They are expected to start beta testing this year.

[via Pre|Central]


  1. I have my expectations and others as well, for the beta version app, maybe with Europe at the end of November, but the final version for the first half 2010.

  2. awesome. wasnt it supposed to come out before years end?

    palm step up your upgrading game cause youre slacking hard. at least half of the promised upgrades havent happened yet, and youy said they would. you wanna be a powerhouse like the iphone is? then stop talking about it and do it.

    theres not even a facebook app yet.. thats just rediculous.

  3. In palm’s defense, they aren’t developing flash for webos, that’s all in the hands of Adobe. On the other hand, we are still waiting on a better SDK so the graphics can better be taken advantage of.

  4. I already signed up for the beta testing can’t wait for later

  5. Good point made by JB. It isn’t in the hands of Palm. Quite frustrating nonetheless. Wish Adobe would under promise and over deliver instead of the reverse. Having Flash enabled on any webos devise will make them much more useful. Will the Pre ever be an iPhone? No….but if you want an iPhone (Zach), go get one!! Nobody is holding you back. Pre is still a good smart phone. And, oh by the way, iPhone isn’t getting Flash (at least not out of the gate).

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