Adobe Promises Flash for Palm webOS by year’s end

Adobe today announced that Adobe Flash Player 10.1 will be availlable across a multitude of mobile platforms. Palm’s webOS will see Adobe Flash later this year. The introduction of Flash Player to webOS, allows for an expansion of content, applications and more on Palm webOS products like the Pre. Adobe Flash Player 10.1 was developed to run across PC’s, smartphones, netbooks and other devices. In the past, phones were only able to run a version of Flash dubbed Flash Lite. With phones like the Palm Pre using advanced processors, Adobe says it’s now possible to bring “full Flash capabilities to these devices“.

adobe-flash-sThere will be a lot of content that just works on the devices, and then some will have to be tailored, said Adrian Ludwig, Adobe’s group product marketing manager for the Flash Platform. “Fundamentally, right now if you are a web developer, or a mobile developer no one goes back and forth between the two. Now, if you have a great mobile idea, go ahead and build it and put it on a mobile device.”

Adobe promises an App-like experience within the browser, offering support for iPhone-like features including multi-touch, gesutres, accelerometer and screen orientation. Apple’s iPhone was noticably absent from today’s press release and will not support Flash Player 10.1. Those with a Palm Pre should expect to see an OTA (over the air) update sometime later this year. You can view a demo of Flash Player 10.1 on the Palm Pre at Adobe’s site. Those looking to partake in the public beta, can sign up at Adobe.

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  1. eagerly awaiting this promise for my Palm Pre…

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