Analyst Reveals Treo Roadmap

Analyst Reveals Treo Roadmap

November 7, 2005

By: Christopher Meinck

In a recent Forbes article, analyst Susan Kalla revealed the Palm Treo roadmap which includes a new mid-market Treo.

Kalla, of Caris & Co., expects the Windows Treo to be in Verizon stores by the end of Palm’s third fiscal quarter which is February. Verizon and Vodaphone are the exclusive providers through mid-2006.

Also mentioned was a follow-up to the popular Treo 650. The new Treo 700 or 750 will contain and EVDO radio and ship in the fiscal forth quarter ending in May to Verizon and possibly Sprint. She believes a version witha UMTS radio could ship to Cingular Wireless closer to the end of 2006.“We had previously thought the product would ship in the third quarter, but believe Palm delayed it so it can concentrate on the Windows Treo release.”

More intriguing was Kalla’s mention of a new mid-market Treo with ASP’s of $200 in the later portion of fiscal 2006. This is keeping in line with Palm’s strategy of developing a family of Treo smartphones. It would also open up the Treo experience to a broad base consumer market.

Source: Forbes

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