Angry Birds coming to webOS?

Some fantastic news dropped today in the webOS world. RovioMobile, the developer of the infamous iPhone game Angry Birds today tweeted this little nugget of joy which has brought a wave of excitement across the community:-

“For all you Palm WebOS fans out there: If enough people want it, we’ll make it.¬†

Yes people, this means that this great game could very well be soon making its way to our fantastic platform! Not a fan of Angry Birds? ¬†Well, don’t be too underwhelmed. The scale of this notorious game, if ported of course, will almost certainly open the eyes of many, many top developers that have yet to either notice webOS or take it seriously. Which means a very strong potential for more fantastic apps being ported to our loving Pre’s and Pixi’s. Morever this will be sure to highlight the simplicity of Palm’s PDK and how easy it is for developers to port their existing apps to webOS. Perhaps developers are even unaware that it is now free to develop for our beloved platform, with Palm scrapping the $50 app submission fee back in June, and also dropping their $99 developer sign-up fee for a limited time only!

So what are you waiting for? Go and sign up your interest on Rovio Mobile’s website right here!


  1. PapaCl1ck says:

    I’m stoked for this!! I have a feeling we’ll be seeing Angry Birds sooner then later! :)

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