App Catalog Gets Three New Apps

Palm’s App Catalog now features three new applications, two of which are games.  Spades is based on the popular card game and allows for four game variants (parnter, solo, suicide, mirror).  Like others in the beta App Catalog, Spades is free but appears to be the first webOS app that is supported by advertising. Blackout is of the puzzle variety, where you must turn lights on/off.


Finally, Chapura’s Echo for Palm Desktop 6.2.2 is a synchronization solution for the Palm Pre. Features include:

  • Reliable two-way Palm Desktop Address Book and Date Book Synchronization
  • Local WiFi Synchronization

Chapura’s Echo software retails for $29.95, but they do offer a 7 day trial. For more information, contact Chapura.


  1. I got over excited with Chapura’s software… I was hoping wifi sync was for music too. There needs to be a service that will enable a simple SMB fileshare over wifi networks you deem valid.

  2. “Spades is free but appears to be the first webOS app that is supported by advertising”

    I downloaded the Accuweather app on launch day, and deleted it almost immediately in favor of a bookmark to my choice of weather site after experiencing the banner ad that unfurled across the screen about every 10-15 seconds. Part of the reason I haven’t tried more non-homebrew apps (the main reason being most of them being of little interest) is because I assumed ubiquitous ads were the status quo for proprietary smartphone apps. Did they take the ads out of Accuweather?

  3. How did you miss that the Accuweather app is supported by advertising?

  4. Christopher Meinck says:

    I don’t use AccuWeather, so apparently I missed it. This is the first game/app to use AdMob.

  5. It’s a start but we need o see more and better apps quickly.

  6. It’s well behind a start. Palm has been slow with uptake. We’re approaching the 3 month mark and I have maybe 3 useful apps: Pandora, Tweed, and AccuWeather. GoodEats might squeak in there, but I don’t go out looking for food often.

  7. This slow release of dumb apps is kind of strange. When will the flood gates be opened?

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