App Catalog Success Story

Palm has seen a steady increase in the number of applications in the App Catalog. While customers raved about the addition of PDK created 3D games, we haven’t seen much in the way of success stories. Today, the Wall Street Journal brings us news of Self Aware Games, a company that chose webOS development over the iPhone and how it’s paying off for them. Self Aware Games decided to bring Word Ace and Card Ace: Blackjack to webOS first, before creating versions for iPhone and Facebook. The result? The company is bringing in $50,000 a month.


The games themselves are free, but Self Aware Games offers an option to purchase “virtual goods”. These include virtual drinks , chips and other items. The social networking aspect of the game, combined with it’s price of free has had a positive impact on downloads.

The company sites overcrowding and difficulty getting noticed as reasons why they chose webOS development. Colin Liotta, co-founder of Self Aware Games, believes webOS devices have an advantage over the iPhone by offering keyboard-input and multi-tasking.

via WSJ

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