App Review: Spell Well

If you’re looking for a great little time waster game, but something that can keep your brain working then you should check out Spell Well by Visc, Inc. In this simple game, you have to guess the correct spelling of a word out of a selection of four, with each level consisting of five sets of words. If you choose the wrong spelling of the word you’ll lose a chunk of time and have to start again at the beginning of the set of five. You also have a timer for each level, so the quicker you do it in, the greater your score. Obviously the higher the levels go, the harder the words get, and the more trickier the options are to choose from.  I personally just found it quite an interesting little game, and even though I thought I’m pretty hot on spelling, it caught me out on a good few occasions and made me realise how much I probably rely on spell check these days.

This really is a simple app, no glitz, no glamour, but it’s quite different to the other sort of games I’ve been playing and I unexpectedly enjoyed it.

From a critical point of view I’d like to see an extended dictionary in future updates, as it seems to repeat some words when you start from the beginning. Also from a UK – English dictionary perspective, an option to integrate this and select it from the preferences would be nice.

You can grab a trial of Spell Well from the beta App Catalog from here or download the full paid version (and support the developer!) from the App Catalog for $1.99 (US) or £1.44 in (UK) from here

If you also liked this game, check out the developers other game, Synogame; in the same vain as Spell Well, but where you have to find the odd antonym from the synonyms! You can also download a trial for this too from the beta Catalog here

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