AT&T Palm Pre in the wild, charts a course for May 14th

The AT&T Palm Pre Plus was spotted at “in the wild” at an AT&T store. According to PreCentral, the Palm Pre Plus was running webOS 1.4.2 and they cite FCC documents as a reason why May 10th might be the release date. We’ve yet to confirm that date, but we’ve noticed some activity which suggests it’s coming real soon and May 10th looks like a potential release date.


UPDATE: That source claims May 14th is the release date. Thanks Akitayo!


  1. AKITAYO says:

    Chris this is a comment made on the same source:

    Release date is May 14th. That is the date we have been told at my store that we can begin selling the phone. We have a working pre plus here in the store and Ive been pushing it hard to new customers who have been interested in the iphone.

  2. Christopher Meinck says:

    Thanks and updated. That certainly makes sense. I’d be shocked if it didn’t show up next week.

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