Bell Canada Palm Pre Ads Strike Resemblance To iPhone Ads

The Bell Canada Palm Pre ads are a departure from Sprint’s NOW Network ad campaign, but bear a striking resemblance to Apple’s iPhone campaign.

For those craving feature-ridden ad campaigns vs the brand building Tamara Hope ads, these will likely appeal to you. The carrier commercials in both countries are about selling phones, whereby the Modernista campaign is more about brand building.

To sell phones, you demonstrate features and this ad clearly demonstrates the features of the Palm Pre. The concern here is that the similarity between the two campaigns will have the less attentive thinking it’s nothing more than another iPhone commercial. Bell is on the right track, but it seems both wireless carriers have missed the mark.

Perhaps we’re in the minority when it comes to the Tamara Hope ads, but we say keep them coming. It makes us feel happy and inspired, as it does so many.

[via PreThinking]


  1. Drew Tarr says:

    Now that’s a commercial. Simple and actually displaying what the phone can do. If only the PR team would get it together in the US.

  2. Am I like the only person in the world who really doesn’t like those weird commercials with that chick? I think they are really bizarre…

  3. No, you’re definitely not the only one. That chick is creepy

  4. None of my map apps rotate. And nothing in my phone rotates that smoothly. Do I need to get a repayment phone or did they green screen that screen?

  5. replacement >_<

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