Big news from today’s Palm shareholder meeting

Palm held a shareholder meeting this morning and a member over at Precentral was able to provide some interesting details of what was discussed.

  • There will be no earnings report this quarter.
  • There are great new products on the way.
  • Rubenstein will lead the new H/Palm smartphone/mobility unit which will absrob the iPaq division.
  • the deal is expected to close the first week of July.
  • HP wanted Palm to warn at the merger announcement so that the bad news was all out in the open.
  • Verizon ordered nearly 1 million phones, and essentially didn’t order any this quarter.
  • AT&T launch has gone better than Verizon, as the staff is much better trained.
  • Sell-through overall has improved this quarter but still isn’t quite where they want it.
  • We should expect great new products, and Teri was especially enthusiastic about the launch of webOS 2.0 and new hardware to go with it, but she didn’t offer any details.

We don’t know Teri, but we do know there are plenty of you foaming at the mouth for new hardware. New hardware and webOS 2.0 are coming. Good news for a Friday, don’t you think?

Thanks jakerome!


  1. But will more definitive news come soon as many of us debate moving on to the Evo, or leaving Sprint for AT&T/Verizon. I’m already a bit irritated at Sprint for not following those two and letting smartphone owners upgrade early to the newest stuff.

  2. Palm may or may not have new hatdware in the future, but the question is… how long will they make is wait for it? My gamble/prediction is that new hardware is a year away… that’s why I’m typing this from my new HTC EVO (grin)
    Please don’t get me wrong…I love palm and webOS, as a matter of fact, I’m happy that I cam continue to use the Pre and receive updates after the phone service was cut…

  3. Shaun0207 says:

    Great News

  4. This news is most excellent.

    I’d be shocked if a new product is a year out. HP influenced hardware/software, yes. I know they were hurting on money but there were reports that a product was in the pipeline long before the HP/Palm announcement.

    shockingly, one year into owning a Palm Pre (Sprint launch day) and I still absolutely love the phone. I love it a lot more now than I did a year ago when I ditched my iPhone 3G for the Pre. This is a first for me. I’m generally buying new phones or thinking strongly about a new phone 6 months in. I did get a Nokia N900 since the Pre but used it for a few weeks before I stopped due to it’s slow UI, bulky form factor, and the inability to use it one-handed (landscape mode is the majority of the time).

  5. AKITAYO says:

    Great news.They are moving fast and make sense in this competitive mobile world.

  6. Can’t wait for the next version of webOS…

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