Big news from today’s Palm shareholder meeting

Palm held a shareholder meeting this morning and a member over at Precentral was able to provide some interesting details of what was discussed.

  • There will be no earnings report this quarter.
  • There are great new products on the way.
  • Rubenstein will lead the new H/Palm smartphone/mobility unit which will absrob the iPaq division.
  • the deal is expected to close the first week of July.
  • HP wanted Palm to warn at the merger announcement so that the bad news was all out in the open.
  • Verizon ordered nearly 1 million phones, and essentially didn’t order any this quarter.
  • AT&T launch has gone better than Verizon, as the staff is much better trained.
  • Sell-through overall has improved this quarter but still isn’t quite where they want it.
  • We should expect great new products, and Teri was especially enthusiastic about the launch of webOS 2.0 and new hardware to go with it, but she didn’t offer any details.

We don’t know Teri, but we do know there are plenty of you foaming at the mouth for new hardware. New hardware and webOS 2.0 are coming. Good news for a Friday, don’t you think?

Thanks jakerome!

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