Black Tie Treo Contest Winner

Black Tie Treo Contest Winner

August 8, 2006

By: Christopher Meinck

Congratulations to Desirae Thomas, the winner of our “My Smartphone Has Style” contest.

Black Tie Treo 650 Package

Thank you to everyone who participated and
took the time to let us know why the Black-Tie Treo 650 fits your personal style. We received thousands of entries, but unfortuantlely we could only select one winner. Clearly, Desirae’s style is a match for the Black-Tie Treo 650. Here is her winning entry detailing the top 5 reasons why the Black-Tie Treo fits her style:

  • I have a classic style that trancends time, like that of the Black-Tie.
  • The Treo is smart, sophisticated and gives off and aura of power and confidence, just like me.
  • Im a social butterfly and a fly from one event to the next, never missing a beat. Similarly like the Treo flies from PDA to phone to music player to email with ease and poise, never missing a beat.
  • Power Lunches: The Treo and Me. Fitting in business, networking and multitasking lunch somewhere in between is invigorating and recharges me for a long day. The Treo can start the commute with some music and then open important documents at lunch, while getting invigorated with broadband information from the latest stock reports online. Efficiency, a great network and the ability to multitask fits right in with my work week.
  • Well roundedness tops off my top five. Balancing work, friends and family is what Im all about. Work hard and play harder. The Treo allows me to maximize my potential at work, make time for my family and friends and even find time to search the internet for something that helps me a grow personally. Treo embodies my zeal for a well-rounded existence and with its technology constantly changing and improving itself. It characterizes what I strive for most. To constantly reinvent and improve myself.

Congratulations Desirae. Enjoy your new Black-Tie Treo 650.

Black Tie Treo 650

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