Boxwave Clear Touch Screen Protectors Review

Review: Boxwave Clear Touch Screen Protectors

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By: Christopher Meinck

When I received my Clear Touch and Clear Touch Crystal screen
from Boxwave, I was expecting decals that I’d cut to fit my PalmOne Treo 600. I hadn’t conducted a significant amount of research,but I knew Boxwave was a leader in Palm related products. I was curious to see what all the buzz was about regarding the Clear Touch products and how they fared against my current method of protection.

Screen Protectors Treo 650/600

To Protect & Serve

I owned my Treo 300 for nearly 2 years before removing the screen protection. This came two weeks before I broke the lid. My Treo 300 served me well, but I wasn’t particularly caring with my 300. My Treo 600 is a whole other story. For those who’ve owned both, you know there is a big difference in the quality and construction. The Treo 600 is an elegant, well constructed product that screams, "Take care of me".
Since the 600 is lid-free, it needed some type of screen protectionfrom day 1. I picked up Palm screen "decals" from Staple’s that I cut and carefully placed. Despite a steady hand, I wasn’t able to get full
coverage. After a month, the screen became absolutely filthy with dust and lint lining the side of the fingerprint laded screen. A friend of mine commented upon seeing my Treo, "Aren’t you going to take the
sticker off". I guess either he remembers my Treo 300 or my "decals" weren’t doing there job. It was obvious that it wasn’t doing much for the appearance of my Treo 600. Something told me I had just finished putting a bumper sticker on my Porshe.

Custom Fit

The first thing you’ll notice about the Boxwave Clear Touch and Clear Touch Crystal is the size. They are already pre-cut to fit the Treo 600. There isn’t a need to get out your sissors and figure out which device outline matches your screen. There is a little "lip" that allows you to grab the adhesive. I broke mine off, but it didn’t deter me from
removing the cover to the adhesive backing. Applying it took seconds.The directions recommend a credit card to get the bubbles out, but I used my fingernail and it did the trick.

Seeing is believing

The first thing I noticed was the screen. My Treo was off and that’s when you really see the dirt and fingernail prints. With the old method of protection, the screen appeared very blah for lack of a better word.With the Clear Touch in place, my Treo didn’t look much different than if it had no protection. Exactly what I was looking for — protection
that didn’t affect the appearance of my Treo.


Both Clear Touch products boast improved handwriting recognition. I can’t attest to this as I rarely use handwriting since joining the keyboard ranks. That being said, with the high quality plastic, it would only make sense that you’d see improvements.

More mileage

The Clear Touch products are reusable. Meaning that after it’s withstood a month of my fingerprints, I simply have to wash it and reapply.


If you are looking for the highest quality screen protection then look no further than the Boxwave Clear Touch or Clear Touch Crystal. The Boxwave Clear Touch Crystal offers 99% Transparency versus 90% with the Clear Touch. Both retail for $12.95 which is a good value considering my Staple’s purchase was more and this is a much better product. The Clear Touch line offers superior screen protection, improves your
handwriting recognition, repels dust and looks great doing it.

TheBoxwave Clear Touch Screen Protectors retail for $12.95.

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