Bunk webOS Slate Rumors Debunked

The recent rash of less-than rumor surrounding HP deciding to run webOS on their upcoming Slate tablet were thankfully put to rest today by HP’s Chief Technology Officer Phil McKinney. When asked by ZDNet if it would run Palm’s webOS, McKinney replied, “Don’t believe everything you see online“.


Before we have HP putting webOS in toasters, printers and tablets oh my… let’s wait until the ink is dry on the final sale. We’d love to see webOS on a tablet someday, but we’d also love to see a rainbow striped unicorn. Neither are happening this year, although if a unicorn shows up we’ll name it “Hurricane”.

webOS Roundup via PreCentral


  1. Okay, I’ll post the same thing here that I’ve been harping on everywhere else. Just because HP is debunking the rumor that the Slate (a very specific product) won’t be running webOS, doesn’t mean that HP won’t be releasing a webOS tablet sooner rather than later. Palm hasn’t been idle the past months–I’m sure they had a tablet design or two in the works, and if they got far enough along then there’s nothing to stop HP from putting this thing into production and making an October timeframe. In other words, the HP Slate does _not_ necessarily equal the “Hurricane.”

  2. AKITAYO says:

    Sooner or later a webos tablet will come and maybe running all the webos apps available until then on the Palm webos devices.

    How it will be named? It is early to say. IMO It will depend on all the services the software will bring with a great hardware and in what kind of network could the tablet run for wifi, wimax or LTE.

    The world is changing fast in communications and a full integration between tablets,smartphones, printers,laptops, netbooks, cars with wifi and internet services, and other kind of hardware for any kind of business,health services etc are just around the corner.

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