CallFilter Review

Review: CallFilter

Ratings: 4

By: Christopher Meinck

Need for Ringtone Management

One of the most popular features of today’s cellphones is the ability
to download various ringtones. This was a blessing considering some of
the lame ringtones that come stock with most phones. Now, you can have
a certain personality, or flair when your phone rings. Over the past
few years, there have been advances in ringtones as polyphonic
ringtones became available. Treo’s naturally have the capability to
play polyphonic ringtones. However, there’s not much more you can do
with the standard software.

Customize Ringtones Using MP3’s

With CallFilter, you can customize ringtones including MP3 ringtones.
However, as you read on, you’ll see that CallFilter is so much more
than a ringtone manager. It manages your ringtones and continues to
pour on features. If ringtone managers are 9-5 Administrative
Assistants, then CallFilter is the on-call, 24-hour, round the clock
Personal Assistant.

But I want a ringtone manager…

You’ve got a Treo 600 and naturally you want to be able to personalizeyour ringtones. Perhaps, you’d like to download the theme from Beverly Hills 90210 or the popular old telephone ring. The way you handle ringtones in CallFilter is to apply a rule. You can set a rule for a single number, any number for a particular contact. CallFilter allows you to look-up your number or contact just as if you were in the phone application. Once selected, the easiest way to modify the ringtone is to click on Ring Settings. You can choose a MIDI, MP3 or to announce
the number.

SD Card Recommended

An SD card will come in handy if you plan on loading up a few MP3’s or MIDI files. NOTE: You’ll need PocketTunes in order to use the MP3
feature. CallFilter also supports WAV files. Setting up ringtones was a
breeze with CallFilter and it worked flawlessly. I should also note
that my Treo 600 remained rock solid stable with zero soft resets. I’ve
used ringtone managers with my Treo 300 that were suspect at best when
it came to stability and adversely affecting Treo.

More. Much More.

To end the review and dismiss CallFilter as a solid ringtone manager
would be an injustice. CallFilter boasts powerful filtering options.
The process to filter calls is the same as it is for managing ringtones
– you create a rule. Phone call filter rules start with "If a phone
call is received". From there you have choices that include Phone
Number, Category, Contact or Company. So, for instance, if you’re busy
at work and would like to avoid personal calls. Wait, bad example.
Let’s try this one. You’re at home and would like to filter calls from
work. Well, you can use you’re preset category or company. From there,
you can set days/times and a rule for this call. Using this example, I
can set all calls from category WORK between 6 pm and 8 am Sunday
through Saturday to Send to Voicemail.

I can also have it Pickup and Hangup (I’d be unemployed in no time but a cool feature none the less). Other options include Ring As Normal,
Ignore Call, or Auto Answer.

Extended features

You might have people calling you who are relentless. They will keep
calling until they reach you. CallFilter has an option that will even
dispose of calls that you take. You can set up a rule to play a MIDI or
MP3 in the background. So, record traffic in Manhattan or another metro
area and set it play in the background when you receive the call you’re
looking to cut short. After all, it’s hard to compete with all that
traffic. You can also set up unlimited Picture Caller ID’s and set
extended info. One of the cool features is the ability to set up Call
Announce making your Treo announce the number calling. Just one of the
many extended features of the CallFilter application.


If you enjoy customizing ringtones, than you’ll enjoy the easy set-up
and rock solid performance of CallFilter. If you want to truly extend
the capabilities of your Treo, then CallFilter offers powerful tools to
manage calls like no other. CallFilter is in a class by itself above
and beyond standard ringtone managers. It’s priced a bit higher than
ringtone managers, but it’s feature set is worth the price. I’d like to
see a CallFilter lite that handles just ringtones, but then it wouldn’t
be CallFilter. Highly recommended.

CallFilter is available as a free 7 day trial and retails for $29.95.

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