HP webOS Tablet Coming In March?

According to MBO Capital Markets analyst Keith Backman, HP will launch a webOS table in March of 2011. HP Palm has pretty much confirmed that a tablet would be coming, but this is the first we’ve heard of an actual launch date. BMO analysts revealed their findings after meeting with 30 tech related companies in Asia. This date is obviously not confirmed, but makes sense. It also jives with Stifel Nicolaus analyst Doug Reid had suggested.

Counting the days to CES?

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Palm Sales at Verizon

According to ITG Investment Research analyst Matthew Goodman, Google’s Android phones accounted for a whopping 80 percent of smartphone sales at Verizon Wireless in November. Of those Android sales, 46% were Droids. What’s striking about this chart is the decline of Palm webOS phones in November. This is troubling for a number of reasons. First off, it shows a brutal sales trend downward. Secondly, Palm and Verizon are partly to blame. Back in October, they announced the Palm Pre 2 would be coming, so no one considering a webOS phone is going to invest in a Palm Pre Plus when you know a much better device is right around the corner. That being said, it’s been almost 2 months since the Verizon Palm Pre 2 was announced. Verizon doesn’t have a release date. Couple this with the release of the multiple new Android phones and you have the chart below.

Palm sales at Verizon

If there is any saving grace, Palm is now sharing the boat with RIM who also saw a decline.

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Palm Pixi 2 Rumored for SRF, HP Palm To Ship Bi-Monthly Smartphones

Rumors today via our friends at PreCentral that Palm will ship a new Palm Pixi 2 to SFR. It appears that France has become the new hotbed for new Palm devices, with SFR being the only current provider offering the Palm Pre 2. Palm had stated that Verizon would carry the Palm Pre 2 in the “coming months“, but the two have missed the critical holiday shopping window. With CES around the corner, sending the Palm Pre 2 to the shelves in January would be the equivalent of taking a knife to a gunfight. The news is not all bleak. The Palm Pre 2 represents an incremental upgrade, a phone that likely wouldn’t have sold in numbers that would affect any real positive change in market share. What’s needed from HP/Palm is one or more killer devices. News today indicates that phones are indeed coming. HP’s Todd Bradley told employees of HP that the company plans to “ship a new smartphone every two months“.

CES is coming. HP/Palm will certainly be there and we’ll be there live blogging the yet-unannounced event. Will Palm bring it?

HP Ordering 6-7 Million webOS Tablets in 2011?

According to an article in DigiTimes, Inventec has landed an order to produce 6-7 million webOS based tablets ¬†in 2011. They also happen to manufacture the Barnes & Noble Nook Color. This rumor comes from “industry sources” and DigiTimes has a less than stellar track record. That in mind, it certainly wouldn’t surprise anyone if HP Palm announced a tablet sometime in early 2011. There is no bigger stage than CES and Palm hasn’t disappointed over the past two years. In fact, one would say they’ve set a high bar based upon their previous announcements. A webOS tablet would certainly live up to the standard.

Those numbers seem a tad bit high, but HP did say they were doubling down on webOS. Building and manufacturing 7 million tablets would certainly reinforce that statement.

DigiTimes via Electronista by way of PreCentral

HP Discontinues MediaSmart Servers To Focus on webOS

News today that HP has discontinued their line of MediaSmart home servers that run Windows Home Server and will put their efforts into further development of webOS. The Home Server Group has been transferred to the Palm Global Business Unit. That means the end of the line for both the EX490 and EX495. It also marks the end of any future software updates for these models.

MediaSmart server

Editor’s note: If you don’t mind picking up a product that won’t be supported, the EX490 and EX495 are excellent home servers. I currently run the EX495 in my home to stream media and it allows for TimeMachine backups for our Mac’s. Expanding storage is plug-and-play, allowing for up to 8TB of storage.

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Rumor: Palm Mansion to have 5-inch touchscreen

A rumor out of relatively unknown Gorumors (via BGR) cites a source within Palm saying the company is planning on releasing a 5-inch touchscreen device in February. There are of course references to the Palm Mansion in webOS 2.0, along with the Stingray. This is the first we’ve heard about particular specs. We’d advise you take this one with multiple-packets of salt.

Palm Mansion

HP Offering Deep Discounts on Pre 2 To Developers

Palm today officially announced the details on their developer program. In the past, there really weren’t any sort of great discounts on devices. In many cases, it was cheaper to buy no-committment devices directly from the carrier. That’s changed today with the Palm Pre 2. Developers can request a coupon code valid for $250 an unlocked Palm Pre 2, which normally retails for $449. The net cost to developers is just $250. Great job by Palm and should help get Pre 2 devices in developers hands.

Developers can learn more by visiting the Developer Device Program section on Palm’s site.

GSM Palm Pre 2 Now Available From HP

While we wait for the subsidized Verizon Palm Pre 2, HP has started offering the commitment free unlocked GSM Pre 2 through their online store. It will set you back a hefty $449, but for now that’s the only way you can get webOS 2.0 goodness in the states.

Anyone taking the jump?

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Jon Rubinstein Speaks at web 2.0 Summit, “great things coming”

Jon Rubinstein today took part in an interview at the web 2.0 summit. ¬†Similar to previous interviews, Rubinstein reinforced how easy it is to develop for the App Catalog and how they’ve got an exciting roadmap. Both the interviewer and the audience asked about future devices.

When asked if Palm would be able to deliver a hit, similar to the Treo, iPhone and Droid, Rubinstein indicated the company had great products, great smartphones, a great tablet in the pipeline. “Several products that will clearly be hits when they come out“, said Rubinstein. He continued adding that Palm would be “aggressively rolling out new devices. Pool will grow dramatically in next 12-18 devices.
Jon Rubinstein

Rubinstein was candid about the effects of Palm being acquired by HP. “When you go through an acquisition, you get the wind knocked out of your sails“. Concluding the event, an audience member asked for a timeframe for smartphones and tablets. “Stay tuned. We’ve got some great things coming.

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Palm Pre 2 November 11th Release Date Rumor Smashed

A few weeks back, we reported on a rumor that the Palm Pre 2 would release on Verizon Wireless on November 11th. No better way to smash a rumor than to have the calendar move to November 11th without any new Palm devices on the shelves of our local Verizon Wireless store. PreCentral reported earlier this week Palm Pre 2 training is taking place, which is certainly a good sign. That original rumor also mentioned a slew of Android devices including the Droid Pro, so it’s partially correct, since pre-orders have started shipping for those devices. With an onslaught of Android devices, let’s hope that Verizon CSR’s do a better job pimping webOS to potential customers. Right now, Android phones like the Droid Pro have a bit of head start.

Palm Pre 2

As for when the Palm Pre 2 might hit shelves? Tough to say, but one would think sometime soon. We’ve yet to see a review of the production Palm Pre 2, which usually precedes any major launch. Stay tuned! It’s gotta be soon, no?