Palm Pre 2 Available for Pre-Order Tomorrow from Verizon

The Palm Pre 2 for Verizon, which was announced back in October, will be available for pre-order tomorrow from Verizon. This is certainly curious timing given the announcement of the HP Pre 3 and launch of the Verizon iPhone.

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HP To Introduce HP Veer, Pre3 and TouchPad

The proverbial cat is out of the bag, let loose by HP themselves. Their site reveals the products that make sense of the Think Big, Think Small, Think Beyond tagline. The small product is the HP Veer, detailed here by Robert Scoble. There will also be a new Pre, dubbed the Palm Pre 3 and of course the HP TouchPad.

HP Veer

More details as they flow in and of course once the event takes place at 1:00 pm EST. Time to start manufacturing those Pre 3 cases.

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HP Palm To Introduce Smallest Smartphone

According to Robert Scoble, HP will introduce the smallest phone he’s ever seen, a phone that he’s seen first hand.

But recently I got a look at the smartphone that HP will be announcing in an hour and a half. More on that later today.

What is it? The smallest little phone I’ve ever seen. It’s like a large pebble in your hand. Smooth and really nice to hold.

Scoble goes on to say that it’s “fashionable, cute and women are going to love it.”

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webOS Tablet To Be Named TouchPad

According to our friends PreCentral, the name of the new webOS tablet will be the TouchPad. Arriving at the event early, they were able to listen in on a rehearsal of today’s upcoming event. The specifications for the TouchPad are exact to the first generation iPad. It will be 1.5 pounds and 13mm in thickness.

Will Apple think this name is too similar to the iPad? Remember, this is a company that went after the city of New York and went to trial over the usage of the term ‘pod’.

Sound Off: What are your hopes, dreams and wishes for today’s event?

In less than three hours, the fun begins. HP|Palm is set to unveil “the future” at their Think Big. Think Small. Think Beyond event. By now it’s pretty much a given that we’ll see one or more tablets and we’re surmising some new phone. Our hope is that we’ll see some shipping dates attached to the new products announced today, in addition to a wide array of carrier support.

What are you hopes, dreams and wishes for today’s event? Have a prediction or two or three. Let us know in the comments. Our thoughts, Palm needs a superphone.

Palm Countdown

In anticipation for tomorrow’s event, Palm has moved the countdown to their homepage. It simply reads, “Think Big. Think small. Thank ahead. Think beyond”.

Palm countdown

Somewhere along the way, they’ve added “Think ahead”. In any event, we’ll find out more tomorrow at 1pm EST.

Verizon Palm Pre 2 Coming February 17th?

Remember the Palm Pre 2? The phone announced in October of last year for Verizon Wireless. If the screenshot of a Verizon inventory system rings true, the Palm Pre 2 will land on Verizon Wireless on February 17th and will be priced at $100 after rebate. That’s a full four months after the initial announcement.

Verizon Palm Pre 2

To say the Palm Pre 2 is late to the party would be an understatement. With all the hype surrounding next week’s big Think Big event, we have to wonder if Palm is going to deliver that superphone it so desperately needs. We’re stating the obvious, but won’t the Palm Pre 2 get suffocated by the Verizon iPhone, not to mention a shelf filled with Android devices. Worse yet, this release date comes after the Verizon iPhone launch on February 10th, after the HTC Thunderbolt release on February 13th and after Valentine’s Day.

Say it ain’t so. The only thing worse in recent history was Verizon’s decision to target soccer moms.

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HP Teases Us With Video of New Hardware

Something is coming on February 9th and HP|Palm is certainly doing a good job in getting us excited for the big unveiling. Today, they are offering a glimpse of what’s to come. Tablet(s), Smartphone(s), Both?

HP To Release “Game Changer” According to Nostradamus

The lastest in the line of “Release My Pre” videos. February 9th cannot get here soon enough.

Palm Contest Offers A Chance For You To See Big Reveal

Have you heard that something big is happening on February 9th? What if you could join HP Palm for the big reveal? The company is going to select one lucky member of the community to do just that. In order to enter, you need to tweet the following message in it’s entirety. One lucky member of the community will be flown out to San Francisco for the “Think Big, Think Small, Think Beyond” event.

Palm webOS event

Hey, @palm – I’m ready to #thinkbeyond on February 9:

If you are on Twitter or planning on joining for the contest, don’t forget to follow @everythingpre.
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