Palm OS Software Mobile Heist Savings, Today Only

Today only, we’re excited to bring you yet another Palm OS Mobile Heist, where you can save 50% off ten of the most popular apps. Click here to view apps that are on sale today only.

Palm Treo Pro Unlocked Available for $299

If you are in the market for an unlocked Palm Treo Pro, is offering this Windows Mobile powered device for $299. This comes with free shipping. Of course, as an unlocked version, this Palm Treo Pro can be used with any GSM carrier either in the US (AT&T, T-Mobile) or internationally. It features Windows Mobile 6.1, WiFi, GPS and more.

Android on a Treo

The Treo 650, arguably the most popular Palm device ever, is seeing new life today as some enterprising coder has managed to boot Google’s Android OS on Palm’s Treo 650. No one has a write up on how this accomplished, but you can find discussions of how this can be done.

Still using your Treo? We’d suggest sticking with the tried and true Palm OS. If you’ve moved on, this would make one helluva weekend project.

[via Engadget]

Palm Ends Windows Mobile, Palm OS Device Development

During a call discussing Palm’s financials, Palm’s CEO Jon Rubinstein indicated that the company would no longer develop new Windows Mobile or Palm OS devices. Going forward, Palm will be 100% focused on development of webOS, the next generation operating system that powers the Palm Pre and the upcoming Palm Pixi.

According to Rubinstein, Palm will be “focusing all of our effort building webOS products” and all future engineering efforts will on developing webOS devices.

[via Everything Pre]

Palm OS gets 2TwitMe, A New Twitter App

With all the news lately surrounding the Palm Pre, we’re happy to see developers still pumping out apps for Palm OS Treo owners. The latest is 2TwitMe, a full featured Twitter app available for the Palm OS. 2TwitMe offers support for:

  • Reading
  • Posting
  • Direct Messsages
  • TwitPic Support
  • Link Preview
  • Background mode
  • Multiple accounts

2TwitMe normally retails for $7.00, but the Everything Treo Software Store is offering $2.00 off through September 19th. You can also download a free trial. Let us  know if you pick it up.

[via Palm InfoCenter]

Treo Pro Unlocked Now Just $399

Palm has dropped the price on the unlocked Treo Pro from $549 to $399. That’s the lowest price we’ve seen and doesn’t require a contract. The Palm Treo Pro is GSM and works on both T-Mobile and AT&T in the US, as well as GSM networks around the world.

It’s not clear if this is a temporary price break, but certainly a good deal if you were looking for an unlocked Treo Pro, without a contract.

[via WMExperts]

Palm Seeks “Real Reviewers”

Palm is looking for “real reviewers” for their product line. That includes the Palm Treo, Palm Centro, the soon to be released Palm Pre and future products. You do not need to be a techie to take part. Are your active on Facebook or Twitter? Have an opinion? You could be the perfect candidate. There is limited space in the program, so we encourage our readers to take part in this survey. Palm has reserved a few spots exclusively for readers of Everything Treo.

If you are selected, you’ll be asked to share your experiences on Palm’s Facebook page or blog, letting them know unique and interesing ways you use the phone.

Take the survey today!

Sprint Treo Pro Review

The Palm Treo Pro was first released in October of 2008. Available only as an unlocked model, the unlocked Treo Pro (see review) appealed to world travelers and business professionals who find great appeal found with a smartphone that will work with virtually any SIM card. The flip side of the coin is the lack of wireless carrier means there isn’t a subsidy to drive down the cost of the phone. Thankfully, that’s all changed with the Sprint release of the Treo Pro. With a 2-year contract agreement, the Treo Pro on Sprint is $199.

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Video: Sprint Palm Treo Pro Unboxing

Join us as we take a quick look at the Palm Treo Pro, now available on Sprint Wireless. The Palm Treo Pro has been available since March 15th at Sprint retail stores and online at Unlike the Palm Treo Pro unlocked (see our review), the Sprint version is a more affordable $199.99 (after rebates with a 2-year agreement) due to the subsidy.

Note: The Treo Pro also includes a microSD slot for memory expansion that we missed during the video unboxing.

Introducing Everything Pre, a new community for Palm Pre enthusiasts

Over the past few months, Everything Treo has been home to coverage of the Palm Pre and rightly so given the excitement surrounding the new device. Since our live blog of the Palm CES event, the Palm Pre has making headlines, winning awards and even appearances on late night television and at the Oscars. During this time, we’ve been busy creating a new home for Palm Pre coverage and today we proudly announce the launch of EverythingPre. Our Palm sites have become a trusted resource for everything Palm since we launched Everything Treo in 2002 and we look to continue this tradition with the latest member in our family of Palm communities. If you are one of the over 68,000 members in our Palm community,  you are already a member of EverythingPre. Not a member, join today and receive these member benefits:

  • Access to Pre Social where you can create groups, update your status, network, share photos and add applications like My Location, My Blog, My Comments or My Twitter for an unparalleled community experience.
  • Full access to our Palm Pre forums currently residing at everythingtreo. Talk Palm Pre with over 68,000 Palm enthusiasts.
  • View our library of Palm Pre videos
  • Customers can share Palm Pre reviews. Why settle for one opinion? Get feedback and ratings from our community. Note: Reviews will be accepted after Pre is released.
  • Palm Pre Accessory Store (coming soon). Shop one of the largest selections of Palm Pre accessories and cases. All products are backed by our 30-day money back guarantee and our customer service group is run Palm experts.
  • 20% member discount on all regularly priced Palm software available in our software stores.

Over the past seven years, we’ve been bringing you coverage of Palm’s Treo and Centro devices and built one of the largest Palm communities in the world. We look forward to ushering in Palm Pre era with the launch of EverythingPre.