Code Wallet Pro Review

Review: Code Wallet Pro

June 14, 2006
Ratings: 4.5 of 5
By: Kevin Muller

Code Wallet Pro is a PocketPC based program for the Treo 700w that helps store and secure almost any type of information.

Code Wallet Pro


CodeWallet Pro 2006 by DeveloperOne is a robust solution for storing private information securely on your Windows Mobile device. CodeWallet Pro makes use of password protection and strong encryption to ensure your information stays out of the hands of other people. It also features the ability to store almost any type of information you can think of including: text, attachments, graphics, sound files, and more.

Code Wallet Pro desktop

User Interface

The first thing you are greeted with when you open CodeWallet Pro 2006 is a password prompt which should make you feel good that your information is being protected. If you dont enter in the proper password youre not getting in! If youre looking to get access to the raw wallet file, enjoy youll find that youre dealing with a strongly encrypted file.

After you successfully enter your password, youre taken to the main tree view of the wallet. Worried about organizing your entries? CodeWallet Pro 2006 allows you to create new folders and wallets to help keep everything sorted. If you need to quickly see the contents of all the folders, a simple click of the tree in the upper right will toggle expanding all the folders and hiding the contents.

Code Wallet Pro Screenshot

A quick click of the Menu will allow you to create a new card. The program comes with 40 built-in form layouts to store almost every type of information you can think of without having to spend time creating a new template. If youre not happy with the fields in the form, you can quickly edit and change the options of the template to have it suite your needs. With form fields specifically for passwords, dates, checkboxes, email, urls, phone, time, and more CWP makes it quick and easy to store almost any type of information.

If youre swamped with data youre trying to save, youll be happy to know that Code Wallet Pro 2006 has its own search and favorites feature allowing you to quickly access and find the entries you use most. In our testing, the search results came up quickly and accurately. The search field can be quickly brought up by tapping the magnifying glass in the upper left corner.

Like to have your information on your PC too? DeveloperOne offers the CodeWallet Pro 2006 Desktop Edition, which offers an almost identical interface as its PPC counterpart. Perhaps the most convenient feature of the Desktop Edition is the ability to seamlessly synchronize wallets between your PC and device.

Code Wallet Sync Process pic

Features and Options

Along with the ability to customize forms, you can also quickly import and export cards to and from text files.
In case youre a fanatic about the way your programs look, youll be happy to know that you can change the colors used in the program including folder, card, background, field names, and field data colors.

Issues and Notes

During our testing, we did not encounter any issues with the installation process, registration, or with the program hanging.


If youre sick of carrying around notes to remember your bank account number or pin or would just like to secure this information CodeWallet Pro 2006 is a great solution. At the beginning of our testing, it seemed like a cool program but by the end of the testing, it had become a necessity! On top of great security and functionality, the program itself is stable and reliable.

Code Wallet Pro is available as a free trial and retails for $29.95.

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