Covertec Luxury Leather Treo Case Review

Review: Covertec Luxury Leather Treo Case

May 4, 2007

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By: Jennifer Chase Esposito

Covertecs Smartphone Luxury Leather Case seems quite geared toward women with its array of colors (including red and baby blue) and its baby-soft leather. But will its slight bulk be too much to add to the pocketbooks, briefcases, and belt bands of the skinny jeans of America?

Covertec Treo case

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How It Works

This particular case is side loading, so when its clipped to your belt its horizontal to the top of your pants, skirt, or anything else you have wrapped around your middle. Like most side-loading cases this one has a small flap that hooks into what Covertec calls a "securised magnetic loop," which keeps the top of the case closed quite tightly over your phone, enveloping it in a soft microfiber-esque material lining the inside so that no part of the exterior leather touches your phone.

Covertec Treo 750 case

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Style and Craftsmanship

When the box text refers to Covertecs commitment to respecting "the traditions of leather working," its obvious. The stitching along the cases edges is uniform and smooth. This attention-to-detail makes Covertecs case look much more polished than its counterparts.

Additionally, the quality of the leather Covertec uses is supple and soft.

Treo case sideview

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Men and women use Treo cases a little differently: While most men wear them on their pants for easy access, to women, the benefit of an all-encompassing case like Covertecs is to protect their Treo when tossed into a pocketbook, briefcase, or gym bag. Regardless of use (and your gender), this case seems like it will hold up, and even when thrown into other bags it doesnt become (terribly) marred in spite of its soft leather. Is it a little bulky? Less than most. Does it protect the phone? Absolutely.


Bottom line: If youre tired of belonging to the league of bulky black-and-brown Treo cases, Covertecs Luxury Leather Case, in common hues of red (and black and tan), and more fashionable ones like "Snow White", "Baby Green," and "Raspberry", lets you stand out while still protecting your smartphone in softness and strength.

Treo pouch case bottom

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Pros and Cons


  • Stitching is uniform and smooth
  • Leather is supple and soft
  • Wide variety of colors beyond black and tan
  • Offers good protection against accidental drops and microfiber lining will not scratch Treo while in case
  • Works with all Treo models


  • Somewhat bulky
  • Treo dislodges too easily

Clip on Treo case

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The Covertec Luxury Leather Treo Case retails for $34.95 and is available in a variety of colors including black, tan, red, snow white, baby blue, baby pink, orange, rasberry, baby green and blue lagoon.

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