Do you receive your HP TouchPad “make it right” email?

There has been plenty of confusion related to the announcement yesterday that early webOS adopters could receive a $50 rebate with a 32GB TouchPad purchase. Some folks have received the email below, but a number of users have not, including myself. One would assume you are still eligible if you purchased a Palm Pre, Palm Pre Plus, Palm Pixi or Palm Pixi Plus, regardless of your current phone. Let’s say you’ve moved to a Veer, then your older Palm Pre would still make you eligible based upon this email.
HP TouchPad rebate

Based on the eligibility requirements above, please take this quick poll and let us know if you’ve received your email from HP.

We should learn more once the final submission forms become available. As noted in the email, HP advises us to “stay tuned” and they will will provide instructions on how to get your rebate.

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  1. Ivan Turgenev says:

    I received my email, yes.

    I gave up on WebOS earlier this spring when I saw no indication that Sprint would get a WebOS device.

    $50 isn’t worth it for a Sprint user who’s been on a Pre Minus for two years. $150, maybe. It’s about the cost of a subsidized phone for the last two years.

    I love WebOS, truly. Elegant design, still IMO the superior OS for smartphone/tablet technology.

    I hate how HP has piddled on customers the last year. Q4 2010, “We announce the Pre 2!” Plus sales drop to zero for two quarters before the Pre 2 is even available. And before the Pre 2 is available… they announce the Pre 3.

    This, after publicly stating they’d never crucify a product release like they did in Q4 ’10, ever again.

    I’m on Android tech right now. It’s good. Not WebOS fabulous, but slick in its own way, and hey, there’s a robust market for devices and apps.

    I was a WebOS believer. Now, I’m a disappointed agnostic. HP’s going to have to do far more than toss around a $50 coupon on an untested device to get me interested again.

  2. Wally the Engineer says:

    Yeah, that just about sums it up for me, too.
    I loved my Pre, but Palm goofed in not getting Sprint to pick up the Pre Plus, or Pre 2. The Veer would be a great phone if it wasn’t on AT&T’s (crappy) network.
    There’s no reason they couldn’t do a Veer on CDMA.
    I’d love to see a Pre 3 on Sprint. Who knows if Sprint will offer it or not, though.

  3. digitalYout' says:

    my sentiments exactly @Ivan, @Wally

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