Dude, where’s my HP TouchPad?

Dude, where's my TouchPad

Did you join the hundreds of thousands of  deal seeking, tablet-hungry consumers flocking to online retailers to purchase the $99 HP TouchPad? Have you received a confirmation or worse yet, an email notifying you that you won’t be getting your TouchPad? We’re seeing reports that OnSale along with Barnes and Noble were retailers guilty of overselling. Our very own orders at HP from late Friday night have yet to ship and Office Max is showing our TouchPad as on backorder. It seems that Best Buy, who was late to the party, was the only retailer to absolutely nail it. Kudos to them and their online inventory system. If you missed out on the initial batch, it does appear that HP is going to have additional stock. Your best bet is to sign up for notifications and you might want to consider following us @everythingpre on Twitter for any in-stock updates.

How was your fire sale experience? Let us know in the comments.


  1. I am so confused right now from Barnes and Noble. Early monday morning, I ordered my touchpad on bn.com. Received a confirmation e-mail shortly thereafter. Later that day, I received the dreaded email from Barnes and Noble saying that my order had been cancelled. Yesterday, on a hunch, I thought I would call Barnes and Noble to check status as I had logged in and it showed my order as supposed to be shipping today the 24th. Their customer service said that they didn’t know if I would be receiving one or not but that they’re sorting it out right now and to expect an e-mail sometime soon. I’m so confused!

  2. Mountaineer says:

    Was at Staples saturday morning when they opened. They had the original price and the manager didn’t have confirmation from corporate for the price change , so I waited about a half hour. As soon as the reduced price was confirmed, I was able to get 2 32gb versions. In the right place at the right time..

  3. speaking of right place right time. I was in bestbuy at 7PM on Saturday to pickup a new charger for my EVO4g. I heard a rep talking about clocking out to buy one b/c it was to good to passup, I asked him what was up… and got a 16gig for $99. first one sold at that bestbuy.

    hindsight 20/20 but I wish I had got a 32g

  4. None of the above: I ordered from Barnes & Noble on Sunday…Received a conformation, I checked online yesterday and it was still “Waiting to be shipped.” I checked today and it said it was cancelled. I did not receive a email saying it was canceled. I called them up and they said… yeah, we took to many orders. I wish I would have had an email… Our Best Buy got 50 TP’s in last night. I’ve ordered accessories..but not TP. Don’t Trust B&N!!!

  5. Best Buy also cancelled online orders and took 2 1/2 days to email the cancellation.
    I ordered Sunday morning and didn’t get the cancellation until Tuesday afternoon.
    They are just as guilty as all the other unethical vendors who duped their clients.

  6. The exact same thing happend to me with B and N what a let down.

  7. I ordered my 32GB Saturday from HP small business site. I got an email conformation Monday morning with my order and arrival # with an estimate of the 23 for arrival. I paid for FedEx Priority over night shipping. It is now a week later and I still haven’t heard a thing. I called HP Wednesday and sat on hold for over 6 hours, I tried their customer support email and get an error saying it is unable to load the email folder to send it. I called HP’s customer support and was transferred 6 times to different supervisors so I was told, and wound up being dropped back in the never ending customer service cue again. I finally sent the CEO an email and got a non-response back from some template. I then called the mail office number and got to the CEO’s support team and was told they would pass it on to the correct team who would be contacting me shortly. That was Friday morning, it is now Monday morning and I still haven’t heard a word. BTW they did charge me for overnight shipping they just didn’t say what night they would ship it. Thanks Léo Apotheker for making this such a great purchase.

  8. Bought mine on the 21st from the HP small business site.(that was an ordeal in itself.The site kept crashing).The purchase showed up on my online banking wthin half an hour. I didn’t get a confirmation until the 24th saying that my puchase was confirmed on the 23rd. The website shows the order as still in “administration” with no mention of shipping or expected shipping. I emailed yesterday AM and have still heard nothing.

    HP is handling this very poorly.

  9. Kept trying to order online from Onsale on Sunday. Site kept crashing. Managed once to get the touchpad in my cart but then I was not able to check out. Called and waited on hold for 2 hours. Finally, my order was in. Then……. there was an issue with my billing address and no one called me for clarification. I called Wednesday, waited on hold AGAIN and got this resolved being told it would be on its way. Still nothing the following Monday so I called again and was told so sad too bad. My order has not been cancelled – it’s in process. Holy crap! Do I want a tablet? Yes. Will I pay Apple $600? No. Lower the prices! Was the response to this sale not evidence enough you are overpriced?????

  10. I seriously wish that I could score one of thier $99 touchpads. I mean, there is seriously no competition or deal greater than that!

  11. Here’s my long story: http://fishxpressions.wordpress.com/2011/08/26/the-search-is-over/

    Short story. Had order cancelled from PCCONNECTION. On a hunch stood in line an hour before Best Buy opened with boxes of more stock that was gone in 30 min. I snagged a 32gig.

  12. It’s now been 2 weeks and 2 days since I ordered and there’s still no disposition on the webiste. Customer support says I am getting one but can give no dates etc; probably one of the ones they’re building now. I’m surprised this mess isn’t getting a little more coverage on the tech blogs and news site.

  13. Here’s my sad story. On the 24th I was the first one in line at my local Staples. I asked about reduced price and manager checked his notices and assured me that they would not be reducing the price. OK, Best Buy opened an hour later so I figured if I rushed over I could still make it. Unfortunately, my tire didn’t cooperate and by the time I changed the flat Best Buy had sold out (in about 10 minutes.) OK, time for online purchasing. I found a unit through Amazon at Erwin Computer. I ordered – had to pay $119 but I could live with that. Got confirmation…at least until the next day when I received an email saying they oversold and my order was cancelled. Back to the web once again and I found a unit at DataViz. Again, got confirmation. Two days later I received notice the unit had shipped and an estimated arrival date. Nothing by the due date except a call from FedEx asking that I call them. By now nothing could surprise me including FedEx telling me the unit was damaged in shipment and they were returning it to the seller. Of course, by now they were sold out and told me it would be several weeks before they could resolve the issue with FedEx. I finally gave up, went to Craigslist and paid $250 for 32 gig. (sigh)

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