Earthcomber Releases Spot Guides

Earthcomber Releases Spot Guides

Earthcomber has released Spot Guidesâ?¢, the first books made for mobile devices that combine interactive mapping and personalization. When combined with a GPS capable Treo, there’s no telling what you’ll find. Everything Treo recently conducted an interview with Earthcomber’s CEO Jim Brady who shared some unique features of Earthcomber with us.


Interactive Maps and Personalization

Earthcomber is an application that allows you to personalize interactive maps. They can be used with or without a GPS system. Simply tell Earthcomber where you are and it will bring up relevant interest points within a defined distance. The Earthcomber software maps themselves are free and come with a sample list of interest points. Unlike other products in genre, Earthcomber is completely ad-free. With a Bluetooth GPS system, such as the TomTom Navigator 5, Earthcomber can be configured to alert you of nearby points of interest. They can be from the pre-defined list and interest points that you add. “You live your life everyday, but there’s more quality that you can fit everyday. If you’re early for a appointment, Earthcomber will let you know if there is a coffee house , a nearby bookstore or museum. It’s like having you’re on concierge.” said Earthcomber CEO Jim Brady.

Earthcomber Maps for Treo

Create Shared Interests Maps

With Earthcomber, you can create groups with individuals that share the same interests. Each time you sync your Treo (or Palm device), interest points added by other group members will appear on your Treo.

Spot Guides Extends Maps

Earthcomber offers a variety of Spot guides from the likes of Mobil and Moon Metro. These provide more in-depth information about lodging, dining, attractions, and shopping. Explore the city’s history and must-see attractions, and find great places to eat, sleep, and shop. They also offer the “Find a Grave” Spot Guide that provides maps to popular gravesites. They expect to release more Spot Guides in the coming months.

For more information, please visit Earthcomber.

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