Facebook App Coming for Palm Pre?

The Palm Pixi will drop on November 15th and will include a new Facebook application that was shown during the Palm Pixi preview at fashion week. At that time, we only got a glimpse of the app, so we’re not sure what’s going to be included in the Facebook app. One would surmise that not only will the app come with the Palm Pixi, but it will also be available for the Palm Pre on or around November 15th.


A new Facebook application will be available with Palm Pixi, so users can see and comment on all the latest news from friends and easily update their status.

A few days ago, we asked our readers if Palm was lacking a killer app. A native Facebook app might just be that very app. The popularity of both Facebook and free apps could be just what Palm needs.

What are you looking for from Palm’s new Facebook app? Is mobile Facebook sufficient for your needs? Do you use the desktop version of Facebook. Let us know more about your webOS Facebook experience in the comments or in our Palm forums.


  1. what about tweetface, the app you can use to update twitter & facebook simultaneously?

  2. I’m realy hopeing for background notification and accelerometer support, so I can type in Landscape withe the On Screen Keyboard. Curently the OSK tweak does not allow backspacing in the web browser, but does within other apps. A real facebook app would let me type acuately withthe OSK!

  3. I use the desktop version so a Facebook app doesn’t matter to me. Plus I like playing the games so unless there’s an app for that I’m fine with what I have.

  4. Jonathan M. says:

    I think they need to make the facebook app just like the one the iPhone has. It has chat and everything else you will need which would make the app and Pre so much better…

  5. I hope a tumblr app appears soon :(

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