Facebook App Delayed, Not Included With Palm Pixi, webOS 1.3.1?

A few weeks back, we received a preview of the Palm Pixi and at the time Palm was showcasing the new Facebook app. We’ve talked in the past about Palm’s need for a killer app and a native Facebook app could be just that. Over the past few days, we’ve seen a few leaked videos from assorted cellphone resellers who have managed to get their hands on the Palm Pixi. One of our astute readers noticed there is no Facebook app present in the Launcher. As we illustrated yesterday, finding apps in the Launcher can be chore, even more so when trying to monitor panels opened at different points in a video. Hey, we’re 5 days out from the Pixi launch, so what’s wrong with a little CSI: Palm Pixi.


First off, you’ll notice in our video that Facebook is supposed to be included with the Palm Pixi.

Next up, we took screen shots showing the various panels of the Launcher, none of which show a Facebook app.






Here’s the video that shows webOS 1.3.1 on the Palm Pixi. Did we miss a panel or has the familiar blue Facebook icon gone missing?

Is it delayed? Can we expect it to be a download in the App Catalog? If Palm is developing it, one would think it should come with the device? Are we reading too much into this? Help us crack the case of the missing Facebook app.


  1. OMG!! Someone has a LOT of time on there hands to cook all that up!!! Thanks for the info!!

  2. Christopher Meinck says:

    @Reggie Maybe I missed my calling. That or I watch too much TV. I’m betting on the latter.

  3. now what about a sprint app to pay my bill or view my minutes or a ebay app to buy junk!

  4. @Christopher, don’t worry dude, you’re not the only one, I watch a lot of tv too!!

  5. monkeyXplosion says:


  6. Horatio Caine:

    It looks like Palm…
    *puts on sunglasses*
    Just unfriended the Facebook app…


  7. Christopher Meinck says:


    Best. Comment. Ever.

  8. Mystery Man says:

    It would appear to me that the facebook app would be released in the app catalog.. just a hunch so don’t fret.

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