Facebook App Now Available in App Catalog

The much anticipated native Facebook application has been released for webOS devices. It’s available in the App Catalog now.  Go get it and let us know what you think of the new app. If you haven’t updated to webOS 1.3.1, you will need to do so prior to downloading the new Facebook app.


[Thanks Jose Pena Jr!]


  1. Just a warning… I just installed the FB app, and it automatically started syncing all of my Facebook contacts onto my phone. Um. No thank you.

  2. Doug Petersen says:

    very disappointing

  3. Dont get the hype i downloaded it…i believe the web version is much better besides its not get very good reviews anywayz

  4. You can unlink all FB contacts from the Contacts>Preferences menu. I ran into the same problem.

  5. Horrible App!!! The web version is much better.

  6. Snowdog1967 says:

    I think they need to be working on version 2.0 quick!

  7. I actually like it better than the web version. My web version always had crap out of order. I like the look and feel of this one. I think if all you need from a mobil app is to check status updates, update your status and comment it’s fine. Of course not being able to check your inbox is lame. Unless there is a way and I don’t see it.

  8. lyciousNYC says:

    I personally like that it sinks all my facebook contacts with the contacts in my address book. I like the instant updates of the status of my contacts. I would want to see the option to go to the profiles of my contacts to write a message leave a comment add a link etc. Also the part of not being able to check your Inbox defeitd the porpuse of having a specific App for Facebook. I would like to see the inbox, requests, contacts etc … That will give it the meaning of a mobile app. To be able to access all the information that you do on the web on the Phone.

  9. This facebook app. SUCKS and is LAME!! The version that came with the Pre is SOOOO much better!!

    Why would the person that developed it think thats is better? This app. is SOOOO LIMITED!!

  10. Wow this is totally AMAZING!!!

    No, not the FB app… What’s amazing it’s the HUGE size (4.5 Mb) for a simple FB app?

    Darn it… At this pace, 8 gb will not be enough!

    No thank you!


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