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  1. tlapaqui
    tlapaqui Robin24k
    Hi do you know how to unlock a treo 700p?
  2. cl55
    cl55 cmeinck
    I have a Palm Treo 680, I have sinked it to my Blutooth device (Ironics)in an 06 Mercedes but cannot get the phone book to download to the car? Any solutions?
  3. cl55
    cl55 cmeinck
    Thanks Cris. How do I post a qestion? I'm kinda new at this
    Thanks Cl55
  4. tracytresidder
    tracytresidder fastlerner
    Hi, you have been very helpfuool before and hopefully can help me with this current problem. I want to save all my contacts to the sim of my palm treo750 so I can put it into another phone and import the fullcontact list. I seem to be able to save only one at a time! Is there a way to save all contacts onto the sim in one go? Thanks for your help. Tracy
  5. BeemerGRL5
    BeemerGRL5 WinMoPro
    Hello I am looking for your upgrade for Treo 750 to windows mobile 6.1 it is running on 6.0 now. Give me a shout back as to what I need to do to get this from you.
    Thanks a Bunch!
  6. houstonplanner
    houstonplanner trueluck3
    dude - sry to sink but i need the rom too. i've got an unbranded 750 but need the 6 Rom
  7. kimberlysmoore
    kimberlysmoore cmeinck
    Ok...I have nooo idea where to post this question and I've been searching for days to find an answer to it. I have a Centro. (Love the Treo but needed a smaller phone). I have MissingSync and I'm happy with it since there are other Centro's and Treo's in the family that all sync with the same computer. MiSync does a good job of it, however MiSync doesn't offer some of the cool abilities that PalmDesktop does for "fiddling" with notes, memopads, etc. QUESTION: Can I use Palm Desktop and Missing Sync on the same computer for the same device but for different purposes? The conduits are there and I tried to sync info over to PDesk but nogo... the apps are empty when I open them. I thought maybe I could remove the PDesk conduits from MiSync, turn off MiSync (not sure how) and use PDesk when I feel like it... turn off PDesk when I want to use MiSync.
    I hope this hasn't been too confusing.
    Thanks. ~Kie
  8. ExpertFinder
    ExpertFinder chemgeek
    Chemgeek -

    Thanks for your post on gmail IMAP setup. Once I put my full email address in the User Name slot, it worked. I had upgraded to the newVersMail 3.5.4 (previous version crashed), but couldn't get it to work before I read your post.


  9. SandraD
    New Centro User. How do I change outgoing message?
    TOMARILN cmeinck
    Help--- how do i learn about treo vs pre
  11. ganda mo
    ganda mo smgpre
    hi,can you help me on how to used my email.i got a treo 680.evrytime i used my email it will say Mdata ERR ACCOUNT NOT PROPERLY CONFIGURED.thank you
  12. Rick D
    Rick D
    I have to ask.... How's the career going?
  13. moo2you
    moo2you Kreth
    hi there: Do you know how to forward numbers from an AT&T treo 650 to a phone on a different service? Thanks
  14. moo2you
    moo2you plunker
    Hi there:
    How do you forward number from a Treo 650 with AT&T to a phone on another network?
  15. piemasterzim
    piemasterzim fastlerner
    Hey! I have a huge favor to ask. I see you are a treo God on here, and so I figured you'd be the best to ask. I have an Unlocked At&t treo 750, but the WM6 version that came with At&t doesn't have the Windows Live Messenger installed. Do you happen to have a way that I can flash the phone with either a Rogers WM6 or an Unlocked WM6? I really enjoy MSN but hate having to go through Internet Explorer for it. I hope you are still online once in a while! And thanks.
  16. drejefferson
    drejefferson cmeinck
    I'm not sure this is the correct way to ask a question, but here goes. I have a Treo 750 wx and cant't connect to my hotmail acct. Iget a message theat reads "The page you are loking for cannot be found due to unknown error 0x8007054f." Any suggestions so I can connect to my Hotmail?
  17. snakebite4200
    snakebite4200 fastlerner
    hello i guess you are the one to ask from the unbranded treo 750 wm6 rom i have a unlocked cingular treo 750

    i know this is old threads but hey ill give it a shot
  18. cellfoneguy
    cellfoneguy cmeinck
    I have a Treo 680 with no provider logo unlocked
  19. cellfoneguy
    cellfoneguy cmeinck
    Thanks Chris, I am a retired dealer from Edge Wireless and now have been forced to change to AT&T due to the buy out. I need to change my service settings and mms programing to cingular/ at&t. Can you get me programing for this network??
    Thanks! Jon
  20. UDAY
    UDAY Robin24k

    Hi Robin.

    Appreciate if you can help me unlock the SMS of my Palmone Treo 600.