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    1. cl55
      I have a Palm Treo 680, I have sinked it to my Blutooth device (Ironics)in an 06 Mercedes but cannot get the phone book to download to the car? Any solutions?
    2. cl55
      Thanks Cris. How do I post a qestion? I'm kinda new at this
      Thanks Cl55
    3. kimberlysmoore
      Ok...I have nooo idea where to post this question and I've been searching for days to find an answer to it. I have a Centro. (Love the Treo but needed a smaller phone). I have MissingSync and I'm happy with it since there are other Centro's and Treo's in the family that all sync with the same computer. MiSync does a good job of it, however MiSync doesn't offer some of the cool abilities that PalmDesktop does for "fiddling" with notes, memopads, etc. QUESTION: Can I use Palm Desktop and Missing Sync on the same computer for the same device but for different purposes? The conduits are there and I tried to sync info over to PDesk but nogo... the apps are empty when I open them. I thought maybe I could remove the PDesk conduits from MiSync, turn off MiSync (not sure how) and use PDesk when I feel like it... turn off PDesk when I want to use MiSync.
      I hope this hasn't been too confusing.
      Thanks. ~Kie
      Help--- how do i learn about treo vs pre
    5. drejefferson
      I'm not sure this is the correct way to ask a question, but here goes. I have a Treo 750 wx and cant't connect to my hotmail acct. Iget a message theat reads "The page you are loking for cannot be found due to unknown error 0x8007054f." Any suggestions so I can connect to my Hotmail?
    6. cellfoneguy
      I have a Treo 680 with no provider logo unlocked
    7. cellfoneguy
      Thanks Chris, I am a retired dealer from Edge Wireless and now have been forced to change to AT&T due to the buy out. I need to change my service settings and mms programing to cingular/ at&t. Can you get me programing for this network??
      Thanks! Jon
    8. smooches680
      Thank you Chris, So what is the word on the Palm Pre? i HAd the treo 755p and i loved it but it gave me so much trouble i had it repaired and replaced 5 times and finally i had enough so i am stuck with that phone but they sent me a samsung rant, I really love the palm. Can you give the input on it and also what applications will i be able to use? can it use the same software i had on the 755p?
    9. Geo
    10. muffd81579
      hello cris my name is mark i was wondering if you new where to get cheap treo 680 or 755p internal keyboards. caue the cell place couldent program it for me
    11. belias8
      I'm unable to edit/delete contacts from my Palm Treo 680. I have performed a soft-reset function, but that did not help. Thanks!!!
    12. gusmg000
    13. gusmg000
      hello ...i have a 700p connected with metro pcs,and my question is? when i connect to my email wich it let's me check my e-mails.but it does not let me send out????and it tells me that(UNABLE TO CONNECT TO MAIL.BELLSOUTH.NET PLEASE VERIFY YOUR SERVER NAME ENTRY)if you can please help me am totally lost.......
    14. Albertolutz
      Hello Chris and everybody. I'm new in the neighborhood. Please forgive my bad english, but my native lenguage is other.
      I want to ask if the new Act for palm 3.0 works well with Treo 650. I have an older version and it simply didn't work. I'm planning upgrade my act and my act for palm versions. It will cost to me about $220 bugs and I'm afraid to face again problems to use the aplication on my Treo.
      Best regards
    15. garbode
      Hi Chris
      I've got every hours an email from this account ( with the message "Thanks for downloading MSDict English-German Pro Dictionary from EverythingCentro".
      I can't stop this emails. What the hell is wrong with this system? Pls stop this shit immediately!
      Thank you
      Roger Garbode
    16. raramos67
      you now if bluetooth have a password
    17. raramos67
      help with bluetooth
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