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May 13, 2016
    1. Agean
      Hi Dave,
      Didn't receive my last msg? It was on the success of pairing the Holux M1200 with my Treo 650. Thanks for giving me the go ahead to take it. A huge improvement over the slowpoke Palm PR-230 BT GPS Receiver for Nav 5. I bought the Nav 6 maps for Can/US from a UK eBayer cheap. When I mentioned planning a trip to Switzerland he sent me a CD with maps for all Western Europe ... FOC! The Switzerland map worked great. I don't know whether the maps are pirated. All are activated for use on my 650. To avoid complications I have removed TomTom Home from my PC as well as the 650. I think TomTom uses their Home program to keep track when we hotsync to check for legitamacy of their products. I don't use any of their follow-up services anyways. A strange thing is that shortly after our transactions this UK eBayer disappeared from eBay. Adds to my suspicion that the maps could be pirated. I am happy though. It was bonafide deal for me and have no guilt feelings.
      Kind rgds.
      Gibson :smile:
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