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    1. moo2you
      Hi there:
      How do you forward number from a Treo 650 with AT&T to a phone on another network?
    2. bobtreo
      Hi Plunker,

      Thanks for your answer. When I realized that answers were going to be scarce, I tried to find a solution somewhere else. I finally found the answer to my dilemma (although I have not tried it yet - I want to fully update my Palm Desktop and make zillion copies first) Essentially, what I learned was that a profile is usually set-up by a company who wants to install the same generic information on a number of Palms, before they are personalized for each recipient. The company would then synchronize with a profile rather than a user name. The only important thing to remember is that the handheld Palm MUST be new or has NEVER BEEN SYNCHRONIZED. A handheld that has a user name must have its user name and information removed by a hard set. Then it can be synchronized with the profile of the Desktop.
      The information comes from (article ID: 2659 and another article of which I have not kept the ID number).

      Thanks for your assistance, and maybe this post will help someone else. Regards. Bob
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