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    Discuss the 180
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    Geez? What happened here? Not a hellava lot of people interested in grayscale I guess? :lol:
  3. imported_chris

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    It was a lot livlier in the Treo 180 forum. Unfortunately, these forums have undergone some "painful" transitions. In doing so, I've accidently removed older posts. With the Treo 300 and the aggressive marketing by Sprint, I think the boards reflect the large Sprint user base in comparison to the 180 users. Also, I'm sure there are a lot of converts. I was a Treo 180 owner and upgraded to the Sprint Treo 300. Despite all the bad press about Sprint, I couldn't be happier with my 300. The 180 was great, but I found that my calls are clearer on the 300. No fault of the 180, but my Voicestream service....of which my fiance' now deals with :p