650: How to transfer, synch and/or back-up text message archive (SMS)

Discussion in 'General Treo Discussion' started by webitor, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. webitor

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    Hi all,

    I have to give my old Treo 650 back to my employer and have bought a new 650 to for my personal use. I wonder if there's a way (or a 3rd party app that can help me) to transfer my SMS/text message archive to the PC or directly to my new 650?

    Any help would be lovely,

    Webitor :)
  2. kdallen

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    If you're going to be giving up the Treo completely, I'd recommend getting a backup app like BackupMan, BackupBuddy or one of the others. Backup your Treo to your SD card. That way, you should (I believe) be able to restore your new Treo from your card. I think the way to go about that is to load the backup app onto your Treo and save the .prc file to your PC. Load the backup app to your new Treo, insert the card and do a restore. That should do it.

    There's probably some easier way involving a hotsync/userID change but I'm by no means a Palm guru. Someone else here can probably give better advice.
  3. kdallen

    kdallen Moderator

    Or an even easier way (if you're not worried about everything else on your 650) might be to just copy the message databases to your PC to transfer to your new Treo.
  4. bierreuno

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    An even easier way to store view and export your Treo SMS's into your pc is Treodesktop: a new desktop software (available whitin a month) at www.treodesktop.com. Browser version of Treodesktop is currently available for free.

    Of course you can easily transfer your existing database into your new Treo.
    The SMS/MMS database file, on Treo 650, is "Messages_Database.pdb". You can just hotsync this file on your new Treo, then all your old messages will be available.

    Bruno Naglieri
    Rome - Italy
  5. vins.vig

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    Ciao Bruno,
    can i send message directly from TreoDesktop?
  6. bierreuno

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    Sorry... Treodesktop can only retrieve sms/phonecall from your Treo and store/manage/export it into your pc.
    Pls visit my site www.treodesktop.com
    Final release will be available in one/two weeks.


    Bruno Naglieri
  7. Stillrockin

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  8. bvanderbyl

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    Transfering "Message_data.pdb" file to my PC

    I am having trouble getting the latest Message_data.pdb file to transfer to my PC via the sync operation. There is a file in the backup file called Message_data.pdb but it is an old file created in 2006. How do I get the latest SMS messages from my phone or the Message_data.pdb to transfer?


    Brian Vanderbyl
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  9. treodesktop

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    Hi Brian, even if I never heard that strange filename "Message_data.pdb" on a Treo device (are you sure youre talking about a Treo?) this forum is not the best place for help desk... please contact me at info treodesktop dot com, and I will be glad to help you in solving this problem.


    Bruno Naglieri - Rome (Italy)
    Treodesktop developer
  10. drsanjayagarwal

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    I have Pal Treo 680 with software ver 1.04.
    I have couple of problems
    1.I need to backup my messages to PC and restore them back to Handphone after hard reset
    2.My phone suddenly looses connectivity in a strong signal zone till I restart the phone
    3.Is it wise to change my software ver to 2.12

  11. bierreuno

    bierreuno New Member


    you don't need Treodesktop to do it, the Palm update process will automatically restore your data (msgs and call log too) on the device just when the update step has finish.
  12. kiki19

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  13. cobby034

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