700wx/Spectec SDW 821 Trouble

Discussion in 'Treo 700w and 700wx' started by timm9, Sep 29, 2009.

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    This is my first post on this site pertaining to my wife’s 700wx. I have searched (here and the net) for several days with no luck. There are multiple posts across the net with the same problem but no fix that I can find.

    Treo 700wx running WM 5.0. I have just purchased the Spectec SDW 821 WiFi card from CE Compass to allow my wife to connect to a MiFi while traveling. The card arrived with no documentation and no CD/software-drivers. I installed the .cab file on the Treo and did a soft reset after installation, then inserted the card. Upon inserting the WiFi Card an error message appears “unrecognized card”. I then uninstalled the driver, went to the manufactures site and downloaded a different driver and installed as above with the same results. I have repeated these steps (with different drivers) multiple times with no success.

    I have contacted the retailer (who forwards it to someone else for support) and received a response directing me to the manufacturers site for downloads. I again contacted the retailer indicating that if they can’t or won’t provide support, I will return the card and I’m not paying a restock charge. The outsourced support response was to contact the dealer to return the card. I chose this card for it’s size (particularly length exposed at the top) and power consumption.

    Does anyone have this specific card working on a 700wx with WM 5.0? Do you possibly have the actual instructions? Can you give me the actual name of the correct driver? Did you have to ‘do battle’ over the unrecognized card error?

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!