755p as mp3 player in car

Discussion in 'Treo Accessories' started by RefQgee, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. RefQgee

    RefQgee New Member

    My car has an 2.5 mm accessory input for mp3 players etc. If i get the adapter for my 755p headphone jack where do I find a cable to plug 755p into my car? Seems simple enough but did not see one at everythingtreo store.
  2. plunker

    plunker New Member

    I would try radio shack or one of the computer stores. Compusa cirsuit city etc... or buy.com on the web
  3. RefQgee

    RefQgee New Member

    Ah shouldn't be a problem then. I'll look closer!
  4. blueonblackstrat

    blueonblackstrat New Member

    I would try crutchfield, let them know what you have and what you are doing... Also, it's a good idea to get the noise cancelling patch cord, that's what I use for my Sirius, works much better than the standard patch cord.