aim instant messanger icq software for 700w

Discussion in 'Applications for Windows Mobile Treo' started by mattioi, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. mattioi

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    I have been searching high and low for software that will allow me to use AIM/ICQ etc.. on my newly purchased Treo 700w can any of you fellas stear me in the right direction here.

    -Side Note-
    If you got the data plan does AIM subtract from your text message ussage or is it unlimited and standard with your dataplan (3rd party software of course)

    Hit me up aim: mattioi email: matt /at/

    Thanks Fellas,
    -Matt <treo newb>
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  3. beeziemd

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    Will Verichat (I think that is what it is called) work with the 700w? I'm brand new to the whole world of PDA/cell combos/ Treo's/ Windows Mobile and have been trying to figure out how to use my AIM on my 700w. Most places, though, don't have info available yet for it. The AIM Mobile website doesn't seem to have a download for the 700w. Does anyone know if any of the other AIM Mobile downloads would work (obviously, I know the 600/650 ones won't since it's Palm OS). Thanks!!! (Also, if anyone knows how I can use my 2.0GB flash USB drive with my 700w, like a connector to plug it into that will then plug into the SD slot, that would be great!!) And FYI, SD 1.0GB cards are on sale at Circuit City and have a rebate right now, so the purchase price is $79.99 but the $20 rebate brings it down to $59.99- for a 1.0GB card!!
  4. phatrick

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    Do a search for Agile mobile... they have a free service that does MSN, AIM, and ICQ
  5. Stillrockin

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    Yes, Agile is now available for WM. You can get it here

    Can't speak for how good it is. The Palm version worked OK and was stable. I wanted something a little better and went with IM+ I believe they also have a WM version
  6. jcarbary

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    I don't think Agile is free anymore ... they offer the 7-day trial and then you have to pay ($29.95 a year). (

    Verichat's not available for download now - - on, it shows "Verichat is no longer for sale." (They were purchased by Intellisync recently.) (

    I downloaded IM+ and it works fine ... they have a trial version that you can use for a week (note that you only get 12 IMs per session during the trial).
  7. msslim

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    Verichat works on the 700w/wx
  8. Dean

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    I use fring on my 700wx and it works great, AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, GMAIL Msnger, MSN, there has been a recent update, so check that out...Google "Fring".
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    for texts

    conversely, where would i be able to find AIM mobile that uses text sms messaging?