An Open Letter To DataViz Inc

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    An Open Letter to DataViz Inc.,

    Dear Sirs,

    There are a large number of people who have been trying to get your attention for some months now. I am a member of this group.

    I would first like to apologize for those of us (even myself, perhaps) who have not always, shall we say, “minded our manners” in our communications with you. You see, we have been waiting for you, literally, for months now, and some of us are growing impatient. So, I hope that you will forgive us for those indiscretions.

    You see, in January of 2009, we were made aware of a new product, the Palm Pre running WebOS. We were very excited about this new platform, and especially the new operating system. For some of us, the fact that DataViz was a launch partner was an important factor in adopting the new platform. The document viewer that came with the Pre on launch day, which you programmed, is an excellent program for what it does, but we were very disappointed that a full document editing program was not immediately available. We immediately looked to you and Palm for answers. We were initially told “August of 2009” then “Late 2009” and for several months now “Early 2010.”

    In the intervening months, you have released applications for iPhone, BlackBerry, Maemo (MeeGo) and Android, and have issued updates for each. So, we have begun to wonder, “Has DataViz abandoned us?” It’s not just your evasive “let me check on that, I’ll get back to you” comments that have us worried. Indeed, Palm’s continued financial problems and the slow sales of the WebOS devices make it apparent to even us that the greener pastures for you lay with iphone and Android.

    But you see, we are not just fans of Palm and our Pre’s and Pixi’s, nor of just WebOS, but most of us who are most interested in Documents to Go for WebOS are fans of DataViz and Documents to Go as well. We have used your programs in the past on our Treos and Centros, and even our Windows Mobile and Symbian phones, and have found it to be an indispensable productivity tool that we cannot live without.

    So we ask, not for you to "give away the farm", nor "to spill the beans", but to just give us some affirmation. We would like to know that Documents to Go for WebOS is still in the works, and that our patience will be rewarded. Likewise, if it is your intention to abandon WebOS, then you owe it to all of us, Palm included, to be clear about your intentions. An announcement in the negative may be perceived by the marketplace to be an albatross for Palm, but as it is certainly only one of many, why worry about it?

    As it stands right now, there are well over a million WebOS devices in the hands of consumers worldwide. Even if Palm does fold, which we do not believe they will, WebOS will live on through a very substantial base of users and developers who have grown to love and appreciate the elegance of the world’s finest mobile operating system. There is a vibrant community whose members often ask of you. (Reference the following: here, here, and here.) Yes, we do not have the numbers of iPhone or Android, but there are enough of us for you to make a tidy profit.

    So, if you would, we would appreciate your clear, concise response. We look forward to hearing from you in the near future.


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    Very well worded and long overdue! Thanks - now let us hope it works.

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    Thanks I hope Palm will read this letter too, because I won´t buy a GSM unlocked US version when it comes in a near future if it doesn´t include a version of Docs to Go editable. Sorry, Palm but this app is my entire life. Don´t let me go. It is taking too long.

    You better talk and push dataViz a little. It is also for your good.
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    Not the end of the world. I have used Docs to Go since version 5, and I thought I'd really miss it. In the meantime I started using Google Docs to get me through, and I have found that it is really easy to use on the Pre, and best of all, free!

    Sure, the DataViz interface is easier, and there are more things you can (theoretically) do with DV, but Google Docs has worked so well for me that I would probably not spring for the full version of Docs to Go on my Pre (especially if they want $49 like they usually do).

    As a bonus, I have my documents in progress available to me on both my Pre and my desktop without any syncing involved.

    AKITAYO New Member

    I see, is a Google Docs ,good option I will try it in the next future. Thanks
  6. PapaNoHair

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    I have been using Google Docs but am unable to originate docs from my Pre (or modify existing docs). I have been able to change spreadsheets though.