Anyone use the jawbone?

Discussion in 'Bluetooth' started by defcon5, May 1, 2009.

  1. defcon5

    defcon5 New Member

    Has anyone used the jawbone? Does it sound good?
  2. Ch0ppy35

    Ch0ppy35 New Member

    My Mom has one and it is awesome. But I really can't compare it much because before her Jawbone she had some free one that came with the phone that was garbage.
  3. defcon5

    defcon5 New Member

    Anyone else?
  4. Vazguard

    Vazguard New Member

    Nope, all I've used is my Plantronics Voyager 520. It's a great little guy that does just what it needs to.
  5. drbyers

    drbyers New Member

    I have a Jawbone (original version). Nothing comes even close to the sound clarity and noise-canceling software it uses, because its based on military technology.

    The unit l have looks pretty bulky compared to the new model (as well as most other bluetooth headphones) but it's downright indestructable.

    The only downside is the OEM ruber earpieces SUCK! So I bought some aftermarket clear Jabra earpieces and superglued one on. Now my jawbone fits perfectly and snugly and I don't have to use the ghey-looking metal and rubber ear loop either.

    I'll probably buy another when my current one dies. They're averaging about $40 to $50 online.
  6. Synenome

    Synenome New Member

    My friend with a Treo 755p loves hers. Had the usual problems with every other earpiece she's tried. I found one for $99 online that I'm thinking of springing for if I can't find a stereo bluetooth that I like AND works.
  7. drbyers

    drbyers New Member

    Try searching online a bit more. I've seen the new jawbones for as low as $60 on occasion.

    Start with and
  8. Synenome

    Synenome New Member

    Thanks for the tips! I can put the balance in my "Pre Hope Chest".
  9. drbyers

    drbyers New Member

  10. Synenome

    Synenome New Member

    Thank You!
  11. REO407

    REO407 New Member

    I have an original jawbone and it works ok, I dont really like headsets but sometimes I have to use them. Dont pay retail for it. i had a friend hook me up for $50, verizon discount...
  12. jp_brown

    jp_brown New Member

    Anyone having problems with their Jawbone with their new Pre? I have had a Jawbone 2 now for about 3 months and worked flawlessly with my Blackberry. Now I've switched to the Pre and it is like I have zero range with it. If I walk 5 feet away from my phone the connection drops. If I don't hold the phone within a foot of the Jawbone, it is all crackly, is there some other RF interference that I'm unaware of? I have tried it with WIFI both on and off with no change is performance if that matters at all. Anybody else having problems and/or come up with any solutions?
  13. atoy74

    atoy74 New Member

    Jawbones are fantastic. Major props go out to them. I've heard good things about BlueAnt as well....but can't vouch for em. I have the original Jawbones and can't recommend them enough.
  14. Ervinator

    Ervinator New Member

    I use the newer version of the Jawbone and love it. One new thing I have noticed is that I lose connection, in standby mode, even with the Pre in my shirt pocket. Not sure why, but I would love to know. I have also had to re-connect my bluetooth twice in the last week, because the Pre would NOT find it for love, nor money. Any thoughts?
  15. Monstercoatings

    Monstercoatings New Member

    I have used about 8 different bluetooth headsets. My issues are that I drive a diesel truck and my personal vehicle is also a Dodge diesel PU truck so noise cancellation is of the highest requirement for me. I can say without any hesitation that this has worked the best for me by far. I agree with "drbyers" that the factory earpiece is barely worth the rubber its made out of as is. Additionally I agree that the Jabra ear gels do work very well limiting the surrounding noise and also making the sound level better and conversations clearer while driving my trucks. I did not glue the piece on as I like to wash mine (gel only) occasionally because I work in dusty areas; but with the medium Jawbone rubber ring it fits snugly enough inside the ear gel to work great for me. When I first called my brother on it he told me he could not believe that I was in my truck he could not even hear the engine, he usually says to call him when I am not driving because the conversations were so bad sounding. I recommend it highly. Jawbone 2 over the original its smaller and I think the volume is better.

    If none of the ear gels seem to fit comfortable enough for long time periods "Big Ear" offers a completely custom made to you ear gel that fits the Jawbone. I think it was about $95- Not too bad for a fully custom piece. I use their custom silicone ear plugs when riding my motorcycle and can say they are more comfortable than my ear gels. Custom Jawbone gel is in the near future for me as well, I just use the gels because I had them lying around from my JX10.

    My only gripe with using the Pre is that I have, out of habit, gotten used to answering the phone on the handset. If you open your pre (to see who is calling) and hit the answer button on the pre it will send the call to the handset speaker even if its paired with the headset (don't know if this is unique to the Jawbone, anyone else can let me know if this happens with any other headsets, thanks in advance). You must answer using the Jawbone for it to be directed directly to the headset when the phone rings.

    I have also used the Jawbone 1 happily. My cover was pulled off using the old charger, with my "Best Buy" warranty, they gave me a Jawbone 2 as a replacement. I just had to pay out the difference between the old warranty & the new one, about $9.00. :) Since lost that one, but got a new one off ebay for $64- shipped to me.

    Next closest in quality and sound clarity was the Gennum 5500
    Jabra JX10 was great in quieter environments (wifes car, I also used the gels with it as well, Still have this as my backup)
    Motorola (3 different ones over 2 years ago, worked OK all outdated now but never could get to work/pair really well with my Treo 700p)
    Jabra corded sets before that with noise canceling (OK)

    Hope this helped some of you.
  16. MerlinDaTitan

    MerlinDaTitan New Member

    I have a second gen jawbone and have used it with my pre with no problems.
  17. trooper54

    trooper54 New Member

    I have the same issue with pushing the talk button to answer calls, so its not just you. has them for much cheaper than bestbuy, if your interested.
  18. Ervinator

    Ervinator New Member

    Answering the phone...on the phone

    If you mistakenly answer your Palm Pre, you can always tap the Jawbone's side (answering) button and it transfers the call to that unit. I learned this accidentally and thought I would pass it along.

  19. Otsdev

    Otsdev New Member

    I've got the Jawbone 2, can't seem to keep it connected, drops link from my shirt pocket, sitting on the desk next to me on when the pre is in the dashboard holder 20" from my head....... Not happy.
  20. jp_brown

    jp_brown New Member

    After doing some more testing, I think the problem is handset specific and not related to the Palm Pre in general. 3 people have the Pre in my office and mine is the only handset that is having the connectivity and sound quality issues when connected to my Jawbone, so I am hoping I can get my handset replaced and have this issue behind me.