Anyone use the jawbone?

Discussion in 'Bluetooth' started by defcon5, May 1, 2009.

  1. joek71

    joek71 New Member

    I am also using JawBone 2 and i dont have any problems, works great.
  2. mwarez

    mwarez New Member

    I use the jawbone issues...when it dies I will probably get the latest jawbone
  3. babcoccl

    babcoccl New Member

    I use the original too. Got it on sale at amazon for 60 bucks. As was previously said the OEM earbud adapters suck. But clarity is ridiculous and I can pull a BT signal to it leaving my phone in one part of the house and walking to other rooms.
  4. NeoteriX

    NeoteriX New Member

    I'm using the Jawbone 2 with the Pre and I can leave it charging in one room and walk to the adjacent room; everything works fine.
  5. joemomma2

    joemomma2 New Member

    Love the Jawbone II

    I use and love the Jawbone II, I drive over 50k miles a year and in CA handsfree is the law.

    Started with the original Jawbone two years ago and bought the II when it got smaller. Never an issue and works great with the Pre. You have to get used to answering the phone with the Jawbone button (not the button/swipe on the phone) or the Pre thinks you want to cancel bluetooth.

    Is this normal? I dont know , but I am used to it already...

    One great tip to offer: I found a company at a motorcycle tradeshow called that created for me a custom fit earpiece for my Jawbone II. It was about $90, but completely worth it if you wear your Bluetooth device as much as I do. Makes you forget you are wearing it, stays firmly in your ear, and eliminates the need for an earloop.
  6. Bikeboy

    Bikeboy New Member

    Pre and Jawbone II

    Jawbone people just replaced my Jawbone II free under their great 1-yr warranty as one of the buttons was sticking. I too need to answer incoming calls with the Jawbone and not from the Pre. Also noticed with my new Jawbone that it takes about 8-9 seconds of holding the talk button to turn the power on/off...anyone else notice this? Is the 'voice dialing' feature any use to us with the Pre? Curious. Thanks
  7. joek71

    joek71 New Member

    I found a bug with JawBone 2 or Pre if you can call it that, when i get a coming call the pre doesnt turn on the bluetooth, have to tap the drop down and select bluwtooth but when i call out it goes in to bluetooth, i have been told that it is the way Pre works.