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    In a word- annoying. In many words, why the hell would they not make this little b!*$# optional? Anyone on AT&T's prepay plan knows what I'm talking about. And if you have a solution for blocking it, please post it here.

    So far, I've figured out that it is a SIM card function, and the request is made to the network to send a message with the cost of your recent transaction- voice or data- and your remaining balance. On un-smart phones, it comes in as a text message. On the Treo, it's a popup that comes a few seconds after you complete a call, just long enough for you to have moved on to something else, and interrupts whatever that is, sending you back to the Dialer screen or Launcher. If you're doing something data related, like googling "how to stop network popups" in Blazer, this means you only have the time it takes for the MediaNet to time out and disconnect before your browsing session is abruptly ended.

    The only thing I've stumbled across that temporarily stops the popups is enabling (after configuring) DUN and making an actual connection with your laptop (or other machine). This seems to disable the Network Response after you disconnect, for as long as DUN is enabled. Of course, that means you cannot use bluetooth for anything else.

    So what I'm looking for is a little bitty utility that can block the SIM card from making the request to the network. If I had the first clue about writing Palm apps, I'd be on it. Since I don't, I (and others I bet) would pay handsomly for it (say, 10 bucks? [​IMG]).

    Any takers? Please?

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