"Backgrouds" app by Stylem Media

Discussion in 'Palm Pre Wallpapers' started by RedReina, Nov 25, 2009.

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    "Backgrounds" app by Stylem Media

    The app catalog recently released a free app called "Backgrounds". I highly recommend it. It advertises "10,000's of thousands" of available pictures. This is TRUE.

    I'm not sure if maybe the app developer can't charge for it because of picture Copyright , but I'd gladly kick him/her a couple bucks for it as is.

    It couldn't be easier to browse the categories, or search if you have something special, and select a different background when-ever you like.

    I don't find anything lacking myself, but there are two cautions I've seen from reading the comments.

    1. There were problems prior to the OS 1.3.1 update. I have this version and have had no issues at all.

    2. The only complaint I've seen is that you cannot save them to your Pre. I do not find this to be a problem myself.

    Happy app'ing!