Backlight doesn't turn on....

Discussion in 'Treo 700w and 700wx' started by TheMan90, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. TheMan90

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    I dropped my phone in water, dried it out and now the back light on my screen doesn't light up. What should i do?
  2. Dapicture

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    Say your goodbye's? I dropped mine in the sink a while back, tried everything to dry it out...put in a bag of rice, blew it out with an air compressor, sat it in the sun, etc. After a while it acted like it was going to be OK, but it just kept screwing up, back light problems, screen would turn bluish/green color, weird sounds all of a sudden, the only thing that took care of the problem for me was to get a new phone.
  3. TheMan90

    TheMan90 New Member

    Im not ready to give up, for one i don't have money to replace it, and the other is it works great, but just the back light doesn't work......
  4. ddb-ddb

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    Did you (or anyone else reading this thread) ever get any help with this? I got a 700w used, have no idea of its history but it must have gotten wet (the moisture detector in case is red instead of white and the screws that hold the case together look slightly corroded) with nonworking backlight. I've played with this unit every month or two for maybe 6 months or longer and recently everything seems working OK except the backlight which does not come on and I don't think ever did. I've gone through the settings and I don't think there is anything I can change the setting of to fix this problem. So maybe it's been gradually drying out (also means I might have fried something by not working harder to dry it out early on) and I doubt it will get dryer than it now is... so I'm hoping you found a solution somewhere. BTW I have a Treo 650p from same source with a great screen and working backlight, but if the backlight is a tiny thing surface mounted to the circuit board I'm not about to try to swap it over to the 700w. I can't use the 650 itself because it is branded Cingular which was bought by AT&T, and I'm on Verizon because it's the only carrier in my area where I can reliably (at least a LOT more than any other carrier I've tried) get signal inside my home. Thanks for any info you can share. -- Dan
  5. TheMan90

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    It prolly just needs the screen replaced about $10 on ebay, or may swap from ur other phone.. Look around.