Battery and/or charging issues!

Discussion in 'Treo Pro' started by scubafan, May 1, 2011.

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    My JUST out of warranty Treo Pro (unlocked, using AT&T) has two issues. The first is the worst. The micro USB connection on the bottom has gone bad. No matter if I use the car charger, a microUSB charger or the factory sync/charge cable it won't stay connected. If you don't keep it exactly still, even a tiny movement "unplugs" it and stops the sync or charging. In the car it's nearly impossible to keep it connected more than a few minutes at a time.

    The battery issue is weirder. SOME of the time when I can get it connected it charges normally. But more often, it indicates x%, charging for a long time, but the level of charge goes DOWN the longer I have it connected. I've heard of batteries that won't take a charge, but not ones that sometimes will and sometimes won't...

    Any ideas? So far all I've had any luck with is removing the battery and trying again. Worked for a while, now the Treo is just a brick. Charge light comes on, but no response.

    I really don't want to send Palm $199 if there is a simple fix, but don't want to spend $40 for a new battery if the phone itself is dead.

    Thanks in advance for any help!
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    Sorry to hear that. That's a tough call. I wouldn't send it back to Palm. If you like the phone, then I'd suggest picking up one from eBay. Depending on the price, it'll end up less than what you'll pay to get your Treo Pro repaired. Plus, you'll have spare accessories. The prices on eBay for the Treo Pro vary, but still less than $199.
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    Well, I did a bunch of searching in various forums and on google. I found these companies that said they fix Treos, and got prices for microUSB port replacement: $35 + $38 but just 30 day warranty
    Repair Center Price (includes parts and labor): $65.00 They do others but not for Treo

    Then I lucked out and found this site:

    They had a local store and were up front about what they could and could not fix. I went there yesterday. After looking at it they said they can replace the USB port for $45 total! I didn't have to risk mailing it away to an unknown with the hope I'd see it again. They called
    back to say it's fixed! I'll see tomorrow and report back. If it is fixed it sure beats paying $100+ for an unknown quality used phone!
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    Treo Pro repair update

    Well, so far no luck. The tech at the CPR said the microUSB port was out of shape so he decided to try just reshaping it. That didn't work, and now he's been looking since mid May for the port. So I've been stuck with the old Treo 650...:thumbdown

    In the meantime, This makes me want to ask everyone about other choices. Despite the charging port problems my Treo Pro otherwise works well, but I'm getting tired of all the apps being for Win7 only...

    So for the short term I plan to buy a spare battery and an external charger and just sync with bluetooth. But I'm starting to think about another phone.

    Here's my question: Is there another phone with a viable GSM option for me if I want to have all the features of my Treo Pro, especially the qwerty keyboard? I only rarely use the WiFi, but I use the HDPSA nearly every day. I know there is a new Blackberry (9300?) touch that seems to do most of the things my Pro does, but I wasn't sure about apps for it, and also about using their servers. I've never even considered a "crackberry" before. Can they multitask? My Pro can browse internet and use my calendar while I'm on a call...
    Will it work everywhere my Pro does with AT&T or just where there are Blackberry servers?