Be careful installing themes on pre !

Discussion in 'Palm Pre Themes' started by acekilla, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. acekilla

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    i just recently went to and saw that pre themes are available to install on the palm pre. i did install the theme to my phone and my pre turn to crap after. i got a phone offline on the top left of the screen, usually it should display Sprint on that location but nothin, also no 1X, EV, and signal bars was displayed. this turn my pre to junk basically. i did fix the problems and ill post the steps what i did to solve this problem, should anyone have these problems after they installed the themes try these steps out.

    1.) i removed my theme and reset it to factory default. i used webos quickinstall and when installing a theme there is the option to restore to default, that is the route i toke to restore my theme back to normal.

    2.) turned off the pre, then remove the battery for 30 seconds.

    3.) restart phone and you should see the Sprint on the top left of the screen now, also the default theme should be up and running. Also you should see signal bars on the top right.

    *note* for me i had the Sprint and signal bars being displayed on the top but no 1X or EV for my pre, if your pre does have the 1X or EV then the problmes is resolved, if not continue to the following steps.

    4.) Like i posted on the notes i did not have the 1X or EV on my pre, so i again turned off the phone, took out the battery and waited 30 seconds.

    5.) restart the phone again, and it should now display the Sprint, 1x/EV, and signals bars on the top. the pre is now running normal and can be used like normal.

    this should help if anyone comes across the problem of phone offline after they installed any theme.
  2. joek71

    joek71 New Member

    you dont have to do that, all you have to do is open Preware and remove it threw there and thats it, i used the theme and removed it using Preware and i had no such problems
  3. acekilla

    acekilla New Member

    I used webos quickinstall I should use pre ware but since I had webos you used that first. Atm I don't have preware installed since my phone got reseted and I've been to lazy to install it. (but I can install theme :p)
  4. reagan247

    reagan247 New Member

    That's because you're amazing... lol... seriously...

    This would be for the people who don't know exactly what they're doing...
  5. fr4nk1yn

    fr4nk1yn New Member

    I've had that a few times.
    It's a memory problem from what I understand.
    Restarting is usually good enough without removing the app.
  6. joek71

    joek71 New Member

    For now you have to use Preware to add themes and remove them, there is no other way for now. If you added a theme using Preware then uninstall using preware or you will have issues. Guys please ask before installing things that you have no idea how to install them or remove them, this will only mess up you pre and then you will complain on how messed up pre is and it is no good. Remember the Pre is only as good as the person who is using it. So before adding themes, apps or anything else please ask how to do it, no one will make fun of you for asking.

    Reagan247 Thank you.
  7. fr4nk1yn

    fr4nk1yn New Member

    Actually WebOS Quick Install 2.05 installs and removes themes. Too bad it had other issues.
  8. joek71

    joek71 New Member

    it will be out soon, the guy is working out the bugs, and i think he will have more bugs after webOS update.
  9. fr4nk1yn

    fr4nk1yn New Member

    I hope it won't have anymore. I'm running with no tweaks, Not that I actually used any of them, since the updater HAS to be out this week.
    2.05 just wouldn't set the tweaks for me.
  10. acekilla

    acekilla New Member

    i was going to wait for the update to come out, then wait another week for the theme be up to date for the 1.2 webos. i couldnt wait for the update so i installe the theme and this problem occured. i will install preware and install the touchscreen keyboard and themes, but after a week of the 1.2 to make sure everythin runnin smooth
  11. J0E

    J0E New Member

    edit: question answered.
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  12. acekilla

    acekilla New Member

    Try updating go to preware and on the top left open the drop down menu, then select update feeds. This is what I did to install themes now
  13. J0E

    J0E New Member

    yea I did, my screen looks like this:


    I found the themes but they are located in avail applications > themes. Not sure why but I guess I am good to go.
  14. acekilla

    acekilla New Member

    strange, worked for me. you can reinstall preware if you want see if this would help but this kinda solves your problem
  15. danielRay

    danielRay New Member

    Thanx for sharing it
  16. AnOutsider

    AnOutsider New Member

    I'm late, but that issue sounds like maybe the package manager service wasn't updated as well to add the new feeds?
  17. Shaun0207

    Shaun0207 New Member

    Can you install PReware using File Coaster?
  18. Wulfgar

    Wulfgar New Member

    ok dumb question how do you get preware on your pre??? and is it working with the new os 1.2.1???
  19. AnOutsider

    AnOutsider New Member

    No, file coaster isn't advanced enough to install Preware. You can get it from their site:

    Yes, it works with 1.2.1 (and has for each version beforehand). The Webos-Internals group go to great lengths to make sure their products stand up to potential changes
  20. rmurfster

    rmurfster New Member

    It works with 1.2.1.

    You can use WEB OS Quick Install (look for it on PreCentral to install PreWare. I don't remember the exact menu option as I'm not connected right now.

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