Blueant z9i won't stay connected to palm pre...

Discussion in 'Bluetooth' started by mrfixit8312, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. mrfixit8312

    mrfixit8312 New Member

    :frown: For some reason or another I am having some trouble keeping my blueant connected to my palm pre. The problem is I turn on BT on my pre, I turn on the headset, it connects for about 5 seconds then disconnects. It has done this religously after many resets and re-pairings...

    Anyone having this issue?
  2. orangeneo

    orangeneo New Member

    I'm having the same issue. Did you have any luck with this yet? Is there a way to update the headset to a newer firmware? I'm not sure if there is an update for it. Just an idea.
  3. mrfixit8312

    mrfixit8312 New Member

    I dont believe this is the headset, I believe its the pre, my headset has works fine with my curve 8330 & 8350i, htc touch pro, iphone and storm and never seen anything like this...
  4. jp_brown

    jp_brown New Member

    I am having the same problem with a Jawbone 2 that worked flawlessly with my Blackberry 8830. It won't stay connected and I have to hold the phone within a foot of the earpiece for the sound to not crackle...frustrating, I think the problem is definitely with the phone.
  5. Blaqdymun

    Blaqdymun New Member

    I don't have a problem with my Blueant z9i it stays connected & it clarity to good as well.
  6. cmcdannold

    cmcdannold New Member

    I also have this issue. One thing I noticed is that the Pre does NOT prompt for entry of a PIN. Whereas, all other headsets, including my in-dash Pioneer F-900BT, are prompting properly. I believe this is the primary reason why the connection keeps flapping.

    I agree that this is likely due to the Pre and not BlueAnt as the headset works flawlessly with anything else I pair it with.
  7. jmarshall

    jmarshall New Member

    I am havi ng the same trouble with my plantronics pro and XX
    Have you solved it for bluant?
    I'd love to have voice activation.
  8. Dcrasta

    Dcrasta New Member

    PRE just seems to suck for Bluetooth. If I have it on my belt, the connection gets static and fuzzy. I have to put it in my shirt pocket and have the headset on the same side of my body. Maybe the Bluetooth 'range' is short or weak.
  9. brgr

    brgr New Member

    any one figured this out yet? it seems as though as soon as the phone goes into "hibernation" to conserve battery life, you lose your connection with the bluetooth. Sprint customer service was of no help other than confirming yes, that is what it is doing.
  10. Trident

    Trident New Member

    My Z9i (with the v1.1 firmware) works fine. As a matter of fact, it will stay connected to my Pre better than to my Diamond.
    Since there is no voice command, it doesn't really have to keep the audio gateway open- just stay paired so that when an incoming/outgoing call is initiated, it activates.