Bluetooth Stereo Headphones with Mic

Discussion in 'Bluetooth' started by AnnieK, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. AnnieK

    AnnieK New Member

    Hey - I can't find much in the way of info on compatible Bluetooth stereo headsets with mic for the Pre. I'm looking for decent audio quality.

    Any suggestions?
  2. smiles101

    smiles101 New Member

    I have the Motorola S9 HD. They work great. They were $47.00 at Frys Electronics.

    I had trouble making them work at first with Pandora. Then I found that you have to hit the play button on the headset as if you were controlling a stereo cd or something, and Pandora then sounds great.

    However, one thing I don't like about the Moto S9 is that on phone calls, it is only monaural. I had a different set of bluetooth headsets for my other phone, and the calls were in stereo too. I find this makes the calls much easier to hear in a noisy environment. But the music sounds great on these things.
  3. Wiggum

    Wiggum New Member

    How are the S9 HD in the ears? Are they comfortable? I never got used to the in ear type headphones, and was looking at the Motorola S305 series, but the S9s looked interesting
  4. smiles101

    smiles101 New Member

    Well, I think I am withdrawing any recommendation for the S9 HDs. Now that I have used them for a few days with the Pre, there are just to many unexpected issues. It isn't the headset, it is the interface with Pre I assume. There were no issues with them with my prior phone. However, with different company's interpretations of the Bluetooth standards, I suppose it could be the headset. They were made by Motorola as was my prior phone.

    The headset can't decide if it wants to be on during a phone call or not. I can literally go from one call to the next and the headset will be on for the first call, off for the second, and back on for the third, with no actions on my part other than answering the phone (on the phone itself - maybe that is the problem - maybe I should be answering by tapping the call answer button on the headset?)

    The headset came with 2 sets of ear pieces. I have small ear canals according to my doctor. I have never found any headsets that are comfortable for me. So I can't give you a good opinion in answer to your question.

    However, there is a new version of the headset that I have, a co-worker bought them. I can't find them online or the model number. They are white, and they are larger.

    The S9 HDs for me, are too snug. Like they were made for a youngster. But the white ones that my associate purchased, appear to be larger and fit loosely around his head and ears.
  5. Pre-Me

    Pre-Me New Member

    Lubix nc1

    I have been using the LUBIX NC1 bluetooth stereo headset with my Pre for a couple of days. The LUBIX headset that I have is a couple of years old. Currently working well. I'll post back if problems arise.
  6. atoy74

    atoy74 New Member

    I have the white S9 HD's (got them at Best Buy.) 1st, my phone calls are in stereo. My previous (regular) S9's were mono. 2nd, I use mine for cycling and have not experienced the headset issues you have.

    No suggestions for you, just find it odd that we could have the same equipment with totally different experiences.
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  7. verratio

    verratio New Member

    I have the Motorola S805.
    "DJ" Style, over the head type with the padded ear cups. I found it easy to pair with my pre and you get 17 Hrs of playtime off of a single charge. Just received them yesterday. Very comfortable and has the controls on the air cup. Got mine from for $28.
  8. kasjogren

    kasjogren New Member

    As an old (emphasis on old!) DJ I prefer this style. I just ordered these on tigerdirect. Here is to hoping they work as well for me as they have for you.
  9. Timonjkl

    Timonjkl New Member

    I use the sony DR-BT22 and it works very well sounds great voice very good also
  10. kasjogren

    kasjogren New Member

    I purchased these and I LOVE THEM. Been two days on one charge. The fact that I change songs and volume with the headset is great. Very comfortable and good sound quality, thanks for the tip.
  11. verratio

    verratio New Member

    You're Welcome! I love mine too! (as you could tell!)