Brand New Game Land Air Sea Warfare Released - Mobile Games Sale 75% OFF!

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    Land Air Sea Warfare Released for Windows Mobile

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    Command a force of thousands of units into strategic warfare in this new real time strategy game. Fortify your base with turrets, surface to air missile launchers, torpedo launchers, and long range cannons. Next create factories to pump out enormous legions of vehicles, aircraft, and ships to wage war with, you decide what to build. Form groups with the easy to use grouping interface and transport units to prepare for an assault on the enemy! Finally execute your strategic battle plan and enjoy the immense carnage that ensues. With unique explosions, wreckages, sound effects, and animations for every unit the carnage is as beautiful as it is deadly. Discover and mine unique resources to build gigantic mega units which can turn the tides of war instantly!

    Also available for Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, & Windows Mobile.

    "Watching as a volley of rockets launch from a fleet of ground units while a stealth bomber circles over head destroying everything in its path was better than any film I saw this Summer." - Wirebot

    "LASW is polished, and seriously addictive, in the way that Civilization is, and Age of Empires were." - Touch Reviews

    "Graphics and sound combine with gameplay that in many ways is better than the original game that launched the RTS genre, Command & Conquer" - iPhoneLife

    "The biggest judgment of any app is not ‘would you recommend it to a friend’ but ‘would you try to convince a friend to buy it’, and with LASW, I would… its the best of its type banging out there" - AppVader





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