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Discussion in 'Cingular' started by larryo108, Aug 29, 2006.

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    Hi all. I recently (ie yesterday) added a data connect package to my phone. I have the data connect unlimited. Now everytime I go to the web browser i am asked to log in with my media net login. Is this normal? I thought that data connect and media net where two different packages. Please correct me if I am wrong. My question is should I be logging in with my medianet password to get to the internet? I don't want to get slammed with huge bills at the end of the month because I was using the wrong thing. Thanks.
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    PDA Connect and MediaNet are the same thing! Cingular sells you the PDA Connect with the Treo because they expect you to use more data than could be used with a Regular Cell Phone. If you search the forums, you will find that many of us are using MediaNet Packages instead of PDA Connect. I would be surprised if Cingular could tell the difference between what you are using and what you are signed up to use, but I might be wrong. Since you are using what Cingular wants you to use, I would call them and ask them to be sure, but I wouldn't think they will know the difference . .
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    I have been calling cingular for the past 3 days, everyone tells me something different. When i first got my treo i was able to log on the internet with no problem!!! after i call to inquire about a media plan and the took down the number from behind the battery I'm not able to log on to it!!!

    been calling them to get a media plan, like i said... once they found out I had the treo 750,, they told me that media plans would not work with my treo that i had to go with a data plan!! personaly i think is a bunch of BS!!!!
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    Well actually the media plans will work, but because of the fact that customers tend to use the internet alot more when they have smart phones the internet packages are higher for "Smartphone" users and labeled as "PDA Connect Packages". That does suck of course but thats their way of being able from being able to bring in more cash on higher data use customers. That may or may not have answered your question :cool:
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    I have a treo 750 unlocked of Cingular procured while in USA. I am currently in Malawi, Africa, my home country and connected to Celtel, local network provider.

    After getting the internet settings from my local network provider, I am able to get emails on yahoo and hotmail accounts but I can not browse the network and can not MMS. I have tried to check with my netwok provider and have finally given up saying that it might be locked by Cingular. Please help. I thought as a smartphone it was supposed to work in any country.

    Note that I have already managed to upgrade it to WM6