Buying an unlocked phone and enabling it through sprint

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    Hi. I'm new to the forums. I have a treo 755p (2.5 years old) and my husband has a 650 (3 years old). His phone got dropped yesterday and broke the screen. (I realize that we can replace it and may end up doing that). My phone has been dying slowly, it sometimes gets locked in a loop of trying to hotsync and sometimes just doesn't work at all. Yesterday it decided not to work again, all I get it a screen with colorful boxes. We have sprint and are up for a contract renewal so we do qualify for a discount on new phones. However, we love our treos and although we would like to each get a new treo we don't want to upgrade our service. We do not have the data plan, nor do we want or need it. We just like the other "perks" that a treo offers (calendar etc). So according to sprint, we would either need to upgrade our plan to get the treos/palm or stay with the same plan and get cheaper phones. We were wondering if it would be possible to get an unlocked treo and use it with sprint? How would we transfer our number over to the new phone? Anything else I would need to know? Thanks for any help you could give.