can get data plan without voice plan?

Discussion in 'Cingular' started by chong67, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. chong67

    chong67 New Member

    Can you get data plan without voice or pay by the minute voice?

    I just want the Treo with unlimited data.
  2. decoder9

    decoder9 New Member

    Yes you could just simply get a data line. But the diffrence is that the data packages are slightly higher when you have a data only package compared to having a line + a data package. I believe its somewhere in the area of 20.00 more. Example: data unlimited @ 59.99 if you have a cell line ( and thats not including your monthy minute plan) or a Unlimited Data ONLY @ 79.99 per month.

    So i guess it would depend on you as to what you think is more userful to you. :wink:
  3. robogobo

    robogobo New Member

    Get a GoPhone plan, get their cheapest voice package, and add the Unlimited MediaNet for $19.99/mo. done and done.